Monday, December 29, 2008


two other girls and myself were in this competition somewhat like Tyra Banks' charm school haha. we couldn't eat a lot, couldn't chew gum, and haaad to sit with our legs crossed. things like that. these two girls were BITCHES and they kept like sabotaging each other's chances which only made me look better so i was so sure i was going to win haha. i remember we were all sitting around this really awkwardly shaped table and we got wind that some crazy political attack was going to be made. we had to run up to this room that was safe, and out the window of the room there was this black guy that we all knew sitting in this treehouse and it started getting bulldozed down!! so we were all yelling for him to get out. i don't know why my dreams are having one black guy in it that i love like a brother haha, pretty awesome. then i remember going to the mall to get Brandon's gift. i bought him three jackets that he had like pre-approved so i knew that he would like them.. then i bought someone a movie pass and i trying paying for it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because the line was shorter. when the lady was checking me out some must have come on the screen that gave it to me half off so i was STOKED. she was like, "these are both you.. right?" and i was like 'yep!' she said, "well, what are the numbers at the end of both accounts?" and i just didn't say anything ahaha, and i still got the discount. theeennnn i went and met up with Brandon, all excited to give him his gift! he was with Taylor. i pulled out the three jackets and he goes, "ooohhhh, you should have called me. i changed my mind about what jackets i wanted." i got so mad! i just spent like 150$  on these jackets and he didn't even want them ... so i punched him in the nose and he passed out haha. he came back and was yelling at me and i just gave him the jackets and left! 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

best dream EVER

so i had just gotten off work and went to some house where i was going to be sleeping. i  go into this room and take off my uniform and it is sooooo hot in this house so i just put on a tshirt and leave on my underwear. i make up this entire bed with blankets and then for some reason my dad climbs in and takes up allll the room! the bed was small to begin with but i was like what the hell! i can't sleep here now? so i turn around and freaking EMILE HIRSCH ^*&#@&# MMMMM is asleep on the bed behind me.. the QUEEN size bed behind me! i'm thinking, okay he's got so much room, i can't believe it's HIM, i'm going to ask if i can sleep with him - STOKED. so i lightly touch him and he says, with his eyes closed, "GO AWAY, I'M SLEEPING!" then i say, "can i come lay with you?" he opens his eyes and sees that i'm a half naked chick haha, and lets me lay with him in this room where we are aaallll sweaty. hahaha, i swear i'm not editing this, it wasn't all nasty! so ANYWAY it's the next morning and he disappeared, so i'm walking around this really fancy house and i kind of see him and i stood and watched him for maybe a minute before i realized that i had to go housesit! i was housesitting this huuuuuuuge mansion. it just kind of jumped to me sitting at the computer of this really nice house. the Front Gate had called, and i was nervous and fumbled some button but i was trying NOT to let someone in! then i was thinking about how i had slept next to Emile Hirsch the night before and i was looking up pictures of him on the internet haha. so i glance outside, and it's HIM!!! and he's like watching me, but he didn't see me looking at him so i just turned around and pretended like i didn't see him. then i could feel him looking at me for a while and i turned around and he just started buuuusting up! so i invited him in, suuuper awkwardly, and we were hanging out! it jumps to my mom coming home to his huuuge house and he and i walk out of some room with our hair all messed up and my mom asks, "what have you twoooo been doing??!" and we just started giggling because we had just had sex, apparently! didn't dream that part! haha.. so Emile Hirsch and i are in love and we were going to go back to his place. so my mom and my BLACK ADOPTED BROTHER (like on Garden State) walked us outside to say goodbye. my mom lit up a JOINT and i was like, "Mom, are you smoking pot?" and she just smiled, but she looked so peaceful and happy. then i went and hugged my African adopted brother, who was older than me, and i said, "i respect you more than anyone on this planet. i love you." and he almost started crying!! it was really nice!! then me and Emile haha went back to his house and there were a buunch of his ?little sister's? friends over. i got stuck in a room with a bunch of them and i was being so mean for some reason! they were all 13 and had braces and i said something like "maaan, i wish i didn't have braces. OH WAIT, IIIII don't!" hahaha it was so mean!! then Emile came and pulled me away and we just kept laughing really hard like all of the time, that's how i could tell we were 'in love'. ahhhh, if this dream came true jeeeeeeze. i hope this is insight to 2009 ahaha, man oh man.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i wish this was clearer

BASICALLY! i was at work for a long time with Alexis just chattin it up by the bar. then we went to leave and my dad was picking me up in his ooold Porsche with like three of his friends haha. when i went to get in the car it somehow turned into a van and we could all fit. THEN, only because i said "INCONCEIVABLE" last night, i dreamt this like 15 year old version of The Princess Bride. there was one mexican guy fighting a white guy dressed in all black for this blonde little 'princess'. haha. it was weird, i wasn't IN the dream, i was just watching him hop on rocks and ropes and cliffs. i wish it were clearer, it was just a funny dream.

Friday, December 26, 2008

lame lame work dream. a bunch of people were over from work and they were all holding competitions to steal each others belongings. people kept breaking into my house and i was getting scared. something about making the owner of a clothing store sit outside in a fake above ground spa. i don't know why.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

lame lame lame

i remember a clothing store with this really nice pair of jeans
i remember Tom Sellek
i remember a bunch of my friends
i remember sitting outside with two old couples while they were dancing
i remember it being New Years
iiiii remember trying to calm down this dog by laying it on my stomach
i remember pretending to shoot Tom Sellek with my fingers, like a fake gun. 
i remember Brad saying, "Tyler got me a toilet for Christmas."
i remember Taylor stressing over school
i remember talking with Darcy about a Superbad Sequel

Monday, December 22, 2008

ahhh, wild night. and it's not even over.

okay tonight's dream had two completely irrelevant parts and i'm not even done sleeping..i just need to type it out so i don't forget.

the first part..... i don't remember as much of. i know that there was some lame work stuff. i was with Nick again. for some reason the end was crazy and i remember Robert, Nick, Lindsey and I witnessing this guy inside of a McDonalds push and beat up this employee. then, while he had the employee up against the glass, he took out a BOX CUTTER and carved "Anarchy" into the guys face. then he saw us watching and we RAN because he was going to do it to us. he was running screaming "AAAANARCHY! ANARCHY! ANARCHY!!" and Lindsey was kind of laughing, but in complete fear saying, "anarCHIST! ANARCHIST!!" haha it was weird.

second part.... this guy from work was over and he was practicing for a presentation on the plant called Papyr hahahaha, and that's what the font was based off of. the presentation was really good! then he started talking crap on the BOAT that my family had when i was young? it was kind of early in the morning and he wanted to get more rest before school but i told him we should stay up and get some breakfast instead. so my mom takes a MUSTANG to the donut shop for us.. except the road white Mustang CAR like it was an actual Mustang.. sitting on the front of it hhahaa. then she came back with a bunch of donuts and some bbq lays. i went to some little party with Brandon and our friends were all there. it was like a luncheon more than a party, it was weird. we went inside and i began to eat my BBQ chips. well, Sean Hughs was there and he had a child. only, children were SO small. like SOOOOO small. his kid was dropped into my bag of BBQ chips and i accidently ATE his son. i couldn't tell him. Branodn, some girl, and i kept trying to figure out what we could do because it was suuch an accident. we went through all of these options because I ATE HIS KID. then i just wanted to leave this luncheon and on the glass past of the door it said, "if the door's a rockin, don't come a-knockin'." haha so lame. i just left because i was so upset, i didn't even tell Sean that i ate his kid. then right before i woke up i remember thinking "MAN, i wish there was some way  i could wake up and this wouldn't be true."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Jonas Brothers.

Lauren Zellmer had a birthday party and invited two younger girls, my cousin Alex, me, Hilary Duff, and all three Jonas brothers hahahaha. So, Hilary Duff gets us in to see her new movie for free.. In the movie she is in the ocean and gets attacked by a shark and ends up becoming one or something... and I fell asleep in the movie and Hilary Duff had to leave because her little sister was getting too scared or something. So we all left, and we went to this huuuge quad area and everyone was telling the Jonas brothers to play music but they didn't feel like it. So little Ashley from communications??? picks up a guitar and begins to play some songs, and  bunch of us are singing along. I ran over the Jonas brothers and (all enthusiastic and Disney) said, "YOU GUYS! are you completely blind? look at what you do to people! Ashley is so shy, but when you guys are here, music is in the air and people just jump out of their comfort zone!" and then, all Disney as well, they agreed, "You're right, Julie!! Yea!!!!!" so they begin to play, it was so fun haha. We were all singing along and stuff. Then after they played a bunch of music people had to go home, and I guess I was dating one of them haha, because I was sitting on this lap and he kept kissing me. Then we were just talking and all telling jokes... and the oldest one had this studded antelope head broach on his shirt and he was telling me how he had to serve in a restaurant for a day but they were supposed to get all dressed up for Christmas and that is all he had, and it looked sooooo ghetto hahaha.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Kyle Souza, Darcy, Lindsey, Chet Hunter (from Boy Meets World) and I are sitting around a table under a patio cover in England. Everyone is drinking some beers, and I am just sitting at the end of the table drawing little doodles in my sketch book. They all begin talking about this girl who was kidnapped and lost in the hills right near where we were, and they decided to go and find her! i wanted to stay back, in case the police came or something. So I went inside, where my mom was, and we sat at home. I waited like a puppy dog with my nose pressed against the glass, watching them search the fields right beyond my house. Hours went by, and they found nothing. Suddenly, a GIANT woman comes out of my closet. She's a huuuuuuuge black girl. By GIANT, I really mean GIANT. Not like 7'2.... like 20 feet tall. She's like a smooth talker, and is trying to get me to let her out of the house. I kept saying like, "nooooo, I don't think that's such a good idea..." and she's like "well, I know things about the girl they're looking for that was kidnapped! I can help!" and then I asked her name and she said, "Vicky Vaughn". hahaha, so weird. So I decided to let Vicky Vaughn outside.. and when she crawled out of the window (odd, for a giant..) i noticed her clothes and she was dressed like a hooker!! I ended up falling asleep and then when I woke up I turned on the news and it was talking about how Vicky Vaughn, famous giant had returned to the Royal Quarters with that blonde girl that was missing! No one was pressing charges, and everyone was alive.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


alright we all went to this party that was up Brandon's old street. Brandon, Robert, Darcy, Bia, then a bunch of random girls from my high school who locked themselves upstairs to eat cinnamon rolls haha. We were watching  this Nine Inch Nails video, and Darcy was totally swooning over the lead singer, saying he looked exactly like Joel..... which he didn't. There was something about wanting to watch A Very Brady Sequel, because we talked about it yesterday. Then Robert and Brandon were pretending to be gay to piss off Darcy but she just thought that it was funny. Amris was actually there, which is weird... I haven't seen her in a long time!! oooh I remember I ate this food that would make me tired, so I lit this incense that I thought would give me energy but it turns out it was just making me more tired. Oh, Carlos from work was there too hahaha, because we ate at Olive Garden in Moreno Valley last night and our server was named Carlos. So I'm leaving this party and I can't find my car on the street for some reason.. then I notice that it was like behind this huge van and it was surrounded by people. It totally got broken in to!! I was soooo upset! I called my mom and she was coming. Then Staci from high school was there with Bia and I. I was soooo mad that all the windows in my car were broken out!! Then, Staci goes, "I heard you pee'd your pants at the party too! That's so embarrassing!" haha I got soooo mad! "I NEVER PEE'D MY PANTS WHAT THE HELL WHY WOULD YOU BRING THAT UP!" haha then, while I was waiting for my mom I just made everyone leave and I sat in my car alone.. but when I was in my car, none of the windows were broken?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lindsey had tried driving up to see soooomething. I don't even know where this "up" was? I know that she didn't make it though, and she turned around and came over to my house, which was better because we decided that she would have gotten extremely tired from all of the driving. We went to some hotel and ate dinner there. There was a lot of people that we knew, but one guy was just following up around... LURKING. He had super long, black hair and it was back in a bun and we never saw his face! I remember walking by the bar and he was sitting there but hid his face the entire time. We ended up coming back to my house, and Dylan was over? He and I just went upstairs to my room and awwwwwww my Lola was still here :( I had a pack of Sweet Tarts on my nightstand thing and Dylan just ate them without asking and spilt them all over my bed, ugh. Then he kept asking if we could get back together and I started yelling "NO" and I locked him in my bathroom so he would stop asking hahaha. That's really all I remember. Not a good night's sleep. :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

The School Bus Worked!!!!!

Brandon and I were sitting around watching movies from our old vacations (which we actually did last night), when we decided that we wanted to go to a restaurant. We go to this bar type place and this really skinny Mexican guy I've never seen before is our old friend. He's talking to us about how he works at the bar but doesn't like it because he needs more money. We're talking to him about how we really want to take an adventure since we just watched all of our movies. He tells us to go to this house and there will be a man there and he'll tell us how to have an adventure. Brandon and I follow the directions he gave us, and it leads us to this small house that's pretty secluded. We walk up, and there are huuuundreds of wind chimes outside. Those ugly sounding wooden ones! I haaate wooden wind chimes haha. So we go inside, and it was a total Charlie's Angels type of situation. We don't see the guy but we can hear him. We are sitting in this bedroom in the back of the house and there's no way to tell where his voice is coming from. He tells us if we want an adventure he has the perfect place, but he can't tell us how to get there. He explains that he'll have someone pick us up. He says, "BUT! You must pay close attention.. You will come to a wall of ocean, when you do, scream what you want into the ocean. Yell at the wall of water. Then test its strength and talk down to the wall. If there is a God, it will make a wave and fall into a normal beach." And now our ride was outside.
Baffled, Brandon and I walk outside to see Anthony Uhalley sitting in (YESSSSSSSSSSS!) a school bus with Jeff. Now, Jeff isn't EXACTLY the driver of this school bus, but there is no driver, just us four in the bus.... sooo.. maybe more of a magic school bus situation? Anyway, we're driving for a really long time through roads, pastures, near horses and cows.. it was beautiful. Finally, we pull up to this wall of water that's somewhat surrounded by a cliff.
I can't find a picture of something similar, but it was the most beautiful thing. We pull the bus over, line up along the cliff and it totally looked like the Garden State scene. Brandon, Anthony, Jeff, and I just screeeeeamed at the top of our lungs toward this wave. I took a picture of it with my disposable camera haha. We kept yelling into it. I walked a few feet away and sat on the edge of this cliff near Jeff. Brandon and Anthony kept screaming to the wall of water haha. The four of us started challenging it like the guy told us to do. "YOU CAN'T FALL!" When suddenly, OHH YES, the wall of water came down like a regular wave and then just looked like a normal beach! we got SOAKED when it crashed. Everyone was just silent in amazement then as soon as we looked around and saw how wet everyone was we just laaaughed and laughed. We felt sooo accomplished, and just drove back home. I didn't dream of the drive, but when I got back I had dinner with some man. He was older and he kept wanting to talk about a job or the sushi we were eating or something, but I kept asking his opinion on this water wall!!! I was like, "I didn't even question it before, how is there this 40 foot tall water of all. Is it the energy in our voices that just made it fall???" and he was so distracted it didn't even help. I ordered some Salmon Roll.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Charity Dream!

Lindsey, Carlie, the Sean's, Kyle, and Joey were all at this little shack. Everyone was drinking except for me and Lindsey for some reason. We kept running out of alcohol but there was two liquor stores open like 30 feet from the house so they just kept walking to buy more. I didn't understand why they didn't just buy a bunch at once!! Carlie got on the phone to order some pizza and she said she was going to order 15 of them. She was counting around the room saying, "Julie, oh Julie can finish her own.. Sean! What about you? Can you finish your own pizza? Yeaaa, you can." So she ordered 15 pizzas between 7 people haha, completely expecting them to be finished. Suddenly, we were in some restaurant when the pizzas were delivered and alll of these hungry people came in, so we started giving them our pizza. It was really nice, because most of them were homeless or had a bunch of kids so we were doing something really great. Most of the dream was us just running around getting these people food. I remember after most of the people left we went back to some lady's house and she kept questioning me on the weirdest subjects. She said it was because she wanted me to marry her son, and I said, "No, thank you. I'm not looking to ever get married." She got sooo pissed she just stormed out of the room. Then Lindsey was showing McCormick her SUNFLOWER tattoo on her back hahaha, because a couple of days ago we were talking about really 90s tattoos hahaha, so funny. then really, we were all just talking nonsense until I woke up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Phat Free!

I was getting ready for this party with Carlie and Audrina (from the Hills) haha.. I made some toast and asked her if she wanted a piece and she said, "is the butter fat free?" so I look on the butter package and it says, "Phat Free". hahaha, I was like, "yea! see!" and she goes, "nooo, that's a trick! it's probably loaded with fat!!" Anyway, before this party got started I would have to keep an eye on my nephew and his little sister. They just sat outside and put their faces up against this huge French door, and I did it back to them. Then the people started showing up for this party. It was somewhat of a.. boating party. I don't quite understand how, but I know we had friends that were on some boat. Ahh, weird, this guy Ben my friend knows kept calling me. The party was fun, there was a lot of people from my high school. This table caught fire, and some mom whose house it was hosed it down. There was people from work too, and they didn't know anyone so I was trying to cheer them up. Lindsey and I decided to leave, and we flew home in this plane. She started smoking some pot, and I didn't want to. She packed too much and kept saying, "are you sure? there's a lot in here! I can't even finish it!" I just kept replying, "nooo, my mom is home!" hahaha. So the plane lands and I'm trying to get ahold of my mom and I can't. There are these guys waiting outside the airport, which is located where my college is, and they offer to give me a ride. While we're driving back to my house, I see Hugh Jackman running toward the airport. I tell these guys, "ahh, you know that actor Hugh Jackman? He's dating my mom. That was him that just ran by, you can drop me off here! He's probably looking for me!!" 

haha, that's it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


okay, I was taking a limousine with Paul Rudd to go to this space shuttle. I know it's because I mentioned Romeo and Juliet, even though I didn't ACTUALLY picture him in that astronaut costume, it haaaad to be in my subconscious. The entire ride in the limo I was sitting across from Paul and he looked SO miserable and his mother had to keep forcing him to smile, which was making me laugh and making him give a little grin. So we get to the space shuttle and there's some huge problem with it so we didn't want to take off. Lindsey was there though, and she said that she didn't have a ride home. I offered to drive her home, because for some reason now my car was with me. I drove her to her house and when we pulled up there was a car backing out of the garage and Lindsey goes, "oh yea! uggh!" and I didn't understand. She says, "I forgot I moved out and I don't have anywhere to stay!" I extend an invitation for her to stay and my house and she agrees. For some reason, when we get back to my house a bunch of my friends are there just hanging out. I don't remember much else, I know that Taylor was there asking why Lindsey moved out, and I didn't have an answer. Someone offered me a cigarette and I said, "no, I just finished a pack and I'm thinking about making it my last one." which is weird, because that's true! Then something about old music and old ladies, but I can't remember!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

same dreamworld

So, I love when I have dreams that have the same places, people, or jokes that another dream had that appears no where in REAL life! 

It was Christmas and my mom and I was just goofing around joking with each other. She had bought this extremely pink nail polish, it was really ugly. I said I couldn't put it on because I had to go to work. I get to the OG and everyone gets sent home because no one's eating there, it's Christmas. So I finally leave and change into this black dress and get on my MOTORCYCLE hahaha and drive off. I don't know where I was going, but I ended up in this place that i've dreamt of before. there are all of these homes, resembling Foothill and Grove, and then there is a huuuuuge curve, and right before this little shopping center, on the left side of the street is this house that is covered in Batman things. I toootally remember dreaming of it before. I drove by on my motorcycle and it had two giant Batman statues in the front yard. so, I just keep driving my motorcycle and I see the City Hall and I can't control my bike and it just crashed into a tree and I was thrown to safety. I had nowhere to go so I just decided to walk home. One problem, it was like Pomona and I was all alone in a short black dress! There were all of these creepy people, so I went into the City Hall and befriended this guy who walked me home. I didn't even make it home before I woke up.

Monday, December 8, 2008

i know there was a plot.. :(

I remember little things but I don't remember the plot!! :(
Let's see, I remember that my job was one that I had to keep registering for, and I didn't because I didn't want to work there anymore.
I remember walking through my old neighborhood.
I remember getting some food from what looked like The Deli, but they handed you live fish to throw on a fire outside.
I remember a scene with Robin Williams blowing up a military tank while he was sitting in a car, and the tanks flipped over him like crazy.
I remember being in some house with strangers around a bed, and Carlie saying, "you know, I'm not the only one who has that problem like on 27 Dresses" (how she has to shoooove her closet doors shut because she has so many clothes).
I remember being in that room with all of those people and finding a red tic on my finger.
hahaha I remember Carlie and I had to be in the shower together for some reason, so we were, and there was this ooold gross lesbian who just walked up and started peeing in the shower next to us!! It was sooo gross! so we just started cracking up and we ran out.
I remember driving down this long windy road, and having memories at every place, then this homeless girl kept asking me for cigarettes. 
I remember going into work and these old ladies were lecturing me on how to be a server. She said, "always take the time to allow the table to see everything you're doing. Most servers even leave their lights on at night with their windows open so people can see what they're doing." haha crazy lady!
I remember my mom running a restaurant ALONE in our house! I kept telling her it wasn't safe because when she would go to make food, strange people could just walk up our stairs and hide in our closets for later.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Brandon, Taylor, Phil Moldonado???, soooome other girl, and myself all had driven up to what we kept calling Utah, but it was really Baldy. I remember coming in from somewhere, and Taylor and I had just been drinking a toonnn of wine. When we got inside we saw her dad, and avoided conversation because we were drunk. After he left, I realized that he lives in Texas now and that was the first time I had seen him in moooonths. I felt soooo bad. whaaat else. ugh, sooomething about candy canes.... and oh! I remember Chris finally called and said he had put my freaking pictures up, but when I looked at them they were all really scandalous! I was like, "whaaat, I don't remember being half naked!" and I remember that while we were up in 'Utah' it would just have huuuuge winds or rain in a matter of seconds. 

I wish this was more in depth!! It was a pretty good one I think.. :(

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Focused on Food!

Alright, I had a dream that I went to go get some Baker's, and I was there with a BUNCH of people but they were all waiting in the car for me. We had taken two cars, I think I only drove with one other person. While I was in there, this BIIIIG employee kept complimenting this customer's REALLY ugly hair. Then, these kids kept running around asking me for paper clips and pens and I could never order my food! I got fed up and left. So, alone, I went and got Wendy's off of Day Creek, but when I went to go back home to eat it, I was so distracted by my music that I got on the freeway the wrong way. Once I realized which way I was going I tried turning around immediately and I couldn't because of all of these cars and traffic. Carlie called me and asked why I wasn't home and I explained the situation of how I was stuck on the freeway because all of these stupid drivers were spinning out and stuff, so she came to my rescue. While she was coming to help me out, she ended up getting hit by a huge red semi-truck. I was freaking out, but she was alright. The semi-truck just drove off!! Then, for some reason, we got a call from our friend Alyssa and she said she had seen the truck driving down the 210 west so we tried finding it!! It was hard to catch up to it, but we could see it for quite a ways. Then, Carlie's phone rings and it's guy that hit her!!! He begins talking to her, and I'm like telling her where to drive so maybe we can find him. On the other line I hear him say, "Is that little Swinford in the back?" I FREAKED OUT!!!! Then he said, "yea, you, Swinford, Bia, and Isaak had come in to eat at my restaurant a while back. I recognized you, and I know Little Swinford's voice in the back. Remember, we were talking and I said that I knew her brother??" For some reason, the memory of us 4 at this seafood joint came rushing into my head (which never ACTUALLY happened) and this kind of thin fellow with a kind of pinched voice was our waiter. I totally remembered him. So we kept asking where he was and why couldn't we find him? He said he was with Jeff. I was like "wait, what? Jeff, who??" and he's on the phone with Carlie still, "JEFFFFF!" So it suddenly hits me that this waiter, the same one that hit my friend, was Jeff's friend in some of his pictures?? suuuuper random!!! Then all of these other random memories came into my head where Jeff and this waiter were RUNNING THROUGH SOME FIELD and they were both wearing goggles??? hahaha, I couldn't believe that I hadn't recognized it before!! Well, after all of this madness, I still hadn't eaten! So my mom, my dad, DANIELLE HARDEN??????, and myself went out to eat at Olive Garden. mms.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i remember the basics

My alarm startled me when it when off so I lost a little of my dream. I do remember some of it! I lost the plot, but I know that it included the following:

yep.. Jane Lynch, Sam Rockwell, and a giant zamboni that I was driving on grass. Oh! and I lived in this beat uuup little orphanage type deal where the bunk beds were just awful, but the people were great. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taylor and Kevin were in it, because I saw them together two days ago. Then there was a buuunch of us that took part in this huge like walk for some cancer or something. I know girls from work were there, and all the basic friends.. haha, all the top 8! hahaha.. alright, well this walk for cancer was around this beaaautiful wilderness park.. it was gooorgeous! I ended up finishing first and CJ from work was like laughing but acting like she was pissed because she was a close second. People began filing in and finishing one after another.. then there were all of these girls in prom dresses. It was really weird.. This one girl, AH! Bree Cofield! haha woah, I can't believe she was in my dream.. anyway, Bree couldn't finish and she had gotten extremely sunburnt and had all these problems with the walk and I explained that "taking notes from Mary-Kate and Ashley's childhood was helpful". hahaha whaaat? I don't even know how they could be helpful at all! Annnyway, we all went back to my house for a little celebration, prom girls included. After everyone left, it was just Lindsey, Carlie, and myself. this one girl had left her groossss baby blue prom dress in my kitchen. hahaha, as if she just got naked!! well, while i was outside throwing it away, Lindsey and Carlie locked up the house and we got ready for bed. It was kind of like the three of us lived together.. it was perfect actually, they're probably the only two girls that I could live with haha. Anyway, it was all dark outside and we were all locked up, and there was this extremely loud knock on this window at the base of my stairs. Carlie and I freaked out because it was really late.. and Lindsey just walked up and tried looking out side. Then, the really loud knock came about three feet to the left at my front door. Lindsey looked through the peep hole and saw that it was only my stupid brother, John. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

naaap dream

haha, Well as soon as I got home from class I passed back out for another three hours! :)

I dreamt that I was in a classroom where we kept having to make spaghetti and coleslaw hahaha. The setting of the classroom looked like the sets with all of the buildings at Universal Studios. There was this old man in my class and we became really good friends. After class, I was walking out into some parking lot and there were ALL of these school busses, so I looked in one of them and Anthony Uhalley was in there with Casey Pinedo! I asked then what was going on and they said they were going to be extras in some show called Damien, and I should have signed up. Just then, three Escalades pulled up, and I assumed they were the stars of the show, and I was right, and I walked right up and asked them if I could be in their show haha. These 4 black guys told me I could be the girl that hands one of them his orange shoes when the time is right hahaha, so I was all excited! The 5 of us got in the busses and drove out somewhere and everything went according to plan and I was on the show. We arrived someplace that made me recognize that my cousins lived relatively close. I hopped in some car and drove to their house. Their house was CRAZY. It was off this dirt road and then there was this table and a swing on the left of this old wooden bridge that lasted for maybe 40 feet before reaching their actual house. For some reason it was like Halloween because there was a lot of people dressed up that were walking along the bridge. Right before the entrance of the house there were these three really tall tree stumps sticking out of the water. I went in, and couldn't find ANYONE in the house and then when I came to the end of a hallway i could see my cousins bed, and a freaking little crazy blonde girl was peaking from under the bed!! Then she disappeared! I SCREAMED soooo loud! I was so terrified!! I ran into this room in their house were there were a couple of people and my communications teacher was there. I was relieved to see a familiar face, but she couldn't say the same!! I kept trying to tell her that it's me, Julie, and she insisted that I was Christina Ricci. I was freaking out and felt crazy so I left that room and ran into my cousin Alex and told her everything that happened. She said that she understood and even though I look like Christina Ricci she knows that it's me. She said that the girl under her bed was Emily Rose and she had possessed BOTH of us and the only way to get back was to upload something on her Mac hahahaha to make her remember or something like that. I kept trying to do it but I couldn't and my cousin Alex was totally not freaking out that she was possessed!! I just remember I kept saying, "I'M CHRISTINA RICCI! I'M CHRISTINA RICCI!" hahaha, I don't know why I didn't take advantage of it, but whatever. Alex just kept floating around under the bridge on rafts and things and told me to relax since there was nothing we could do right then. I listened, and grabbed this swinging rope and swung around. For some reason if we touched the water it would become permanent or something... so when my rope broke I was FREAKING out! For some reason we couldn't even get back onto the bridge so we were stuck in the water!! I remember just sitting at the top of one of those really tall tree stumps and cryiiiing. Then everytime I would feel alright I would look over and that freaking ghost of Emily Rose was there! I kept questioning why my cousin wasn't scared and she told me that somehow, she's okay because I AM HER or something. Like, I'm really possessed TWICE and nothing is wrong with her. So I just sat on this stump surrounded by water, possessed, and crying.

lame work dream

It was really dull. When I had gotten back from break, Christine was sitting in my section but she was with her 'new boyfriend' and her newborn child, which was a big ass baby haha. Then I got sat these two annoying teenagers, and a group of 5 guys. I was really stressed out and venting to Quinn about it. That's really all that happened, pretty boring.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

it started out at this festival thing, and I was going to meet Brooke for some healthy food, because we were trying to eat really healthy for some reason. I was walking down from my apartment where I lived with Brandon and Taylor. I was singing a Third Eye Blind song, and as I was walking outside past this table with maybe 6 or 7 people, one of the guys at the table was standing up and sang the EXACT same line that I was singing from Losing A Whole Year. hahah! I was freaking out because we literally said the same words at the same time. -- me to myself, him to his friends. So when I got to this crazy healthy place with Brooke I was telling her and she had told me that the guy went to our school or something. We got our food and went back home. For some reason I had to drop something off at APRIL ROJAS' house??? But she lived where Chris Davis lives.. So I was trying to drive up but my car was going really slow. I realized that it was 3:39 and I had to be at work at 4:15, so I just turned around and tried making it home so I could leave by 3:50 to make it to work on time! I wasn't late for work or anything. Alright, well for work we all had to sit around these round top tables and retrain. I can't remember what it was, but SOMEONE was doing something bad. Like trying to kill people, or running away.. I can't remember. I was at a table with Roxy and some other people that went to my high school that were supposed to be working with me. So "work" got out, and it was time for school. I rushed over to my class, which was with my math teacher Mr. Brauwer, and  Carlie was in the class waiting for me. My teacher goes, "ahh, Julie. Just in time for your presentation!" I'm like, whaaaat? So I realize that it's the day I need to present my ventriloquism act! haha!! I got up, and for some reason, someone was talking for me so all that I had to do was move my hand inside the puppet!! I had no idea who was doing it for me, but I ended up getting an A! Then it was Carlie's turn to perform, and right before she did these three guys came in. Two of them were gay and were kissing each other. The other one looked exactly like John Ritter's son haha, and he came in and kind of gave me the look like he was the one that helped me and I just gave him the "thank you" face. haha. After class, I had to go back to work for like evaluations or something. Roxy was really scared because after I had left these girls from my high school that were at the table with her had said that they were going to beat her up! Roxy is really small, too. Oh, then I pretended to write Brooke V's evaluation in little kid hand writing because she's pregnant. I don't know why I thought it would be funny. haha. Then I woke up!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I had this dream a while ago, sometime last month... it occurred when I rolled over and fell asleep for maybe 5 minutes.. but I really liked the plot. :) 

Well I was driving down Euclid (the picture), which is probably one of the most beautiful streets to drive down in Rancho.. well, it's technically Upland but whatever. ANYWAY. It was raining really hard and as I approached Foothill I realized that my lights weren't on and a cop had pulled up behind me. I was trying to drive PERFECTLY so I wouldn't get pulled over... but then I said to myself, "this is a dream, I can relax and do anything!" So I calm down and pull the steering wheel from where it usually goes, laid across the two front seats and watched the car drive itself in the rain. I just put my arms over my head and looked out of the drivers side window, if that makes sense. The car began to go near the curb where I would eventually crash, but I woke up. 

just chillin haha

Alright, I'm trying to remember who all was at this party. There was a party in this really big house that no one lived in. All that was in it was like a couple of couches and we were all eating pizza. There was some of my friends form high school, and a lot of people from work. There was something involving soup, so I went just across the street to Lindsey's house, where she was holding a gymnastics tournament hahah. Three girls from my high school were in this tournament and it was really weird to see them, much less doing gymnastics. Then Lindsey was just getting ready to come out with us, and she put on this really CRAZY striped jacket. and she just said, "well, if I don't wear it, no one will realize how weird it is." So I think it was Lindsey, Brandon, and I, and we were driving to a school, I'm pretty sure it was Chaffey college. Something involving the sauce from the pizza made me take off all of my clothes???? but it wasn't like I took off all of my clothes, it was like, the next thing I know I'm riding around in the car and I'm naked except for some napkins covering me. I looked really tan, too, which is strange. haha.. Then we ended up at some girls house to go pick her up and pick up some food to bring back, and she had just taken a TON of food from her cabinet. Right as we were leaving her dad pulled up and backed in to the garage, and didn't get out of the car, but just watched us from his creepy little old El Camino in the garage! The girl was saying, "ooohh, no.. he's seeing me with all of this food he's going to be so pissed!" We didn't really understand why, and when she kept saying, "let's drive somewhere, hurry! hurry!" we would tell her, "calm down! it's like two blocks away we were going to walk!" and she was just FREAKING out, she wanted us to get in the car so it looked like we were going farther or something? I don't know. Bitches runnin wild. haha

Thursday, November 27, 2008

too much cold case

I don't know why I keep having dreams about myself going on dates lately, but Taylor was trying to help me decide on what to wear. I just put on a gray tshirt and jeans and I was ready to go and she stops me saying, "EW! YOU LOOK AWFUL!" haha. so she took forEVER trying to dress me.. meanwhile, I couldn't figure out how to play Christmas music on my iPod because it was all weird. Then, for some reason it flipped and it was this creepy community in the woods and my dad was involved and they were killing people. It was so weird, they killed this man and then tried covering it up all strangely. Then my mom wanted to join to be with me and they made her plot to kill some other guy. The dream ended before she could, but she had the tractor and the murder weapon READY. Wow, then there was this epic part where we were waiting for a flood. It was me, some guy, and two older ladies inside this giant room with all glass windows.. The two older ladies were getting drunk and emotional and could NOT stop crying. I looked outside and in this car parked out front there was a little girl! I wanted to go get her out but they told me not to in case the food comes.. and I was like, oookaaay and it would be better here in this GLASS ROOM? So I went to go get this little girl and she crawls out of the car and begins coming into the house herself. All of the sudden I lose it, and begin crying hysterically. Mostly because this little girl had no chance at life and now she's going to die in the flood. I remember I just kept thinking like 'I wonder if anyone has ever loved her, or if she knows the feeling of love at all...' and I just could NOT stop crying. then we ran into this hallway and when we looked back the flood had hit and it was coming toward us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

theater kids

I remember this one scene where I was sitting down on the ground outside of some store with this guy and he was one of my friend's brother's but I could NOT find out who, and I didn't want to ask. haha.. the rest of the dream took place in this huuuuge theater, which looked exactly like the Chaffey College Theater. I was there with all of my friends from Alta Loma High School, and we kept reenacting scenes from Friends hahaha. I didn't even fall asleep with Friends on, weird! Then Travis Barker was there! He actually had a cast on his leg from the airplane accident that he was in... and I told him that I saw him on TRL's Finale, and that he sounded a lot better. He told me how he felt like crap during that interview, but the prompt on the television fed him lines to read so that he could sound normal and healthy. haha, weird. there was a lot more but it's been hours. :(

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

one part

I only remember one part of my dream because it was hilarious. I had just gone on a date with this guy from work, and we had gone back to my OLD room in my OLD house and we layed down on my bed. It was exactly how my room was when i was like 11 --tye die sheets and all haha. Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up he was gone. I had a text from him and it said "did you have fun last night?" and I replied, "yea! I had a blast!" or something like that... then he wrote back, "me, too. but let's forget it ever happened." and I was just sooo confused! I had read the text to my friend Darcy and she said, "oohhh, yea.. that's because while he was laying next to you, we had sex. and he was gone when you woke up because we were busy having sex outside, too." haha I was like whaaaaaaat!! it was soooo weird! then right before I woke up I remember slow dancing with this really old guy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

um, Wow.

alright, well, the entire dream took place in this HUGE school/warehouse/concert area. it was gigantic, so it could be all of them. It started with me going into this building for Carlie's family reunion. I went in, and there was a store inside and I bought some CRAZY pants that came with a cell phone and they were only 33.99 so it was really weird hahaha.. Then, it was a school. I was getting fed up with people not being able to take care of their children, so during my lunch, I walked around school and took all of these neglected kids that were around campus, and GAVE THEM TO A SHELTER. The thing is, I knew the parents of these children! While I was doing it I was so sure of my act... Then, as soon as I was walking back into the school, I realized what I had done. So, looking for answers, I ran back to my classroom and asked my rather good looking teacher to help me. While we were walking outside, I noticed Jeff deep in thought during some test taking, so I didn't say anything. So my teacher and I are outside and I begin to tell him what I had done, and he's trying to comfort me because I was really freaking out. This crazy bitch overhears what I am telling him, and PULLS A GUN OUT ON ME!!! She's like, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO TAKE PEOPLE'S BABIES! and I'm just like, "well, these kids are better off noowww??" and she begins CHASING me through this huuuuuge school/warehouse thing. While I'm running, I begin to lose her but then I run into Carlie. So I briefly tell her what is going on and she tells me she's there to help. The girl comes up from behind and I hear the gun click, and she goes, "DON'T MOVE, DON'T YOU FUUUCKING MOVE!" So I kick her hands and the gun flies out and I get ahold of it. haha so I'm kind of cocky and point the gun back at her and in a smart ass voice say, "DON'T MOVE, DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!" hahaha.. then, while this girl is all scared, Carlie goes, "Can I get some gum?" and I'm like, Carlie, I'm kind of in the middle of something! and She insists, so I tell her it's in my back pocket. hahaha She totally blew my credibility. The girl ends up backing down, and I don't shoot her or anything... Next thing I know, I'm at work. But Olive Garden is this HUGE nightclub in the same building that the school was.. So I'm getting ready to get checked in and this CRAZY annoying lady keeps asking me for EVERYTHING... So I'm late to clock in, then my manager tells me I have to be a busser instead of a server so I'm not going to make ANY money.. ugh, I was so annoyed. Then Dustin from work comes up and is comforting me and he asks me if I want him to go buy some Pabst Blue Ribbon beer hahahaha to make things better! I told him yes??? and he kissed me?? Since I didn't have ANYTHING to do at work, I was sitting up on this ledge with Taylor watching the entire restaurant/night club. This guy standing maybe two feet away from us turns around and goes, "WOAH! I just saw you two EXACT girls downstairs alllll dressed up, and now you're up here in normal clothes?" We didn't understand then we peaked over and there were two girls that looked EXACTLY like us! So we saw them walk into the bathroom and waited for them to come out, but they never did. I don't know why, but it was the next morning, and Taylor and I had gone back to this place to get some info on these lookalike girls. We go into where we last saw these girls go, and it wasn't a bathroom at all, it was a little crazy gag-store. So we're asking the ladies if WE were in there last night buying anything, because we didn't remember. These ladies were CREEPY. They kept saying NOOOO. Then when we would be like.... "what do you recommend we get here?" they would say in sync, "HATS." and we were like, "umm no, I don't really want a hat." and they KEPT ON insisting it! like there was some creepy magic thing with these hats. we were saying "look, they have glasses, shoes, bow ties, hats..." and the two ladies would go, "HATS." haha it was soooooo weird!!!! 

Friday, November 21, 2008

everything's traceable

Alright, so I remember eating dinner at this looooong table with maybe 7 women that didn't speak english. The thing is, none of them spoke the same language, so none of us could talk!! We had alllll this food but the only beverage we had was Jack Daniels. no water even! so they were all taking shots and I took one, and they started getting so loud and laaaaaughing and communicating, even though no one understood each other. I was just busting up in the corner since I was at the veeery end of this long table, when I get a text message from Jeff telling me to go NOW! immediately knowing what he meant, I left and ended up at this giiiant costume/walmart/theater company place. He was already there when I got there, and he told me that I needed to sleep outside of this costume place because -get this- INSIDE is the PERFECT outfit to use as an artifact for our Juweema story. hahahaha! I was like, "can't we just come back and get it tomorrow?" and Jeff says, "No! What if someone else snatches it up!?" I agree, and proceed to SLEEP on the ground outside of this store in a sleeping bag hahaha. When they opened, Jeff had left, and I went in and immediately found the dress.. I began to wander around afterward and went into the make up isle and did my make up ALL crazy (because of all of the makeup photoshoot discussion yesterday) and while I was in the make up isle, this oooold man comes up to me and begins rambling on about how he knows. I'm like, know's what? "OH, you know, I'm just letting you know.... THAT I KNOW," he said.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Riverside dream

well, Carlie and I were sitting there with this girl from our communications class and we were all planning on going to this huuuge wedding or funeral or club haha, I can't remember. Carlie and I said, "Oh maybe we could get something to drink or something!" and little Ashley goes, "I've never drank. I always play volleyball instead." hahaha so Carlie and I go, "alright, if you teach us to play volleyball, WE will teach you to drink!" We all shook on it, and went out to this club. As soon as we got there I lost Carlie and Ashley and met up with Brandon and Robert. We were sitting on this bench thing and all of these girls were grinding up on them while i was just sitting in the middle like ACCHEEEMM!! then there was this girl that they both really like and she was dancing in the world's smallest party train in a circle of like 5 people in front of us.. Right when they both got up to dance with her, this other guy came up and she clearly recognized him as her boyfriend, and Brandon and Roebrt got really bummed and wanted to leave. I left with them, unable to find Carlie and Ashley, and we headed back to their apartments in Riverside. For some reason Brandon was staying with Robert at Robert's apartment, but I was being forced to sleep all alone in Brandon's apartment with "his" dogs (they're really Lindsey's dogs in real life). He had all of these rules! like, "make sure you wake up in 4 hours to let him pee outside..." and I was like, "it's 4am I WILL be up in 4 hours!" So, I go into his apartment, and for some reason it's not dark outside anymore, and there are all of these weird guys. I swear, kind of like the Seven Dwarfs, but not dwarfs they're regular boys. One had this creepy staring problem, another had been chewing the same gum for a year and he had added something like 125 peices, another was a complete recluse... you get the idea. and then there was this one that was trying to conspire murder scenes and make it look like someone else did them. and he kept trying to get me to look like a murderer!! I remember trying to get the cop's help from outside, but he didn't like me because when we pulled in from the club I wasn't wearing my seatbelt or something stupid. haha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Relevant + Short = No Fun!

Taylor and I were just running through this GIANT open field, it was so gorgeous. It resembled this picture... sort of. :) As we ran through it, this field had great memories to me and I was constantly pointing out parts of it that reminded me of things. We finally made it to this little shaded area and decided it was time to go back to her apartment where Brandon and Robert lived. We got there, and Brandon and Robert looked AWFUL, I don't know why. For some reason we had to go work this front desk thing, and my brother was there talking crap to me, of course.

Monday, November 17, 2008

extremely late, but it just hit me!

I remember Taylor and I being dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and all that we were missing were our red shiney shoes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

late in the day, let's see how much i recall

I know that I had been spending the day at school. Brandon and Carlie had my classes with me, I know that for sure. We had been excused from one class, and the two of them ran ahead to get to our next class, while I was left behind talking to the teacher or packing up my belongings. Well, as I'm packing everything up and finally making my way toward the door, Ashley (little one from speech class) asks me if she can tell me something. I reply, completely rushed with, "I'm in a huge hurry to get to class and I'm already late.. can't you tell me later?" She insists that she can't live with it inside her anymore and tells me, "Julie, I love you." She proceeds to explain her lesbian attraction to me and when she is finally done with all of my praise I reply with, "okay, I really have to get to class now!" I just rush out in a hurry, eager to tell Carlie what had just happened. Little did I know, that Ashley was in our next class, too! Talk about awkward!! I was just trying not to look at her the entire time, but I knew that I would have to run into her sometime. I ran our at the end of class, and our next period was a culinary course. We were all in the back and I could finally tell Carlie what had happened. I know Steve was in a part of it too, but I can't remember what. hm, I actually remembered a lot considering I wanted until now to get it down!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

let's see. Carlie and I had class with Hannah Montana. She was like our friend in the class. after school, Tony took all of us kids to the lake again. By all of us kids, I mean Magen, Carlie, Dianna from work, and myself hahah.. right before we left Hannah Montana came up to me and gave my my purse because I had left it in class. I was wearing this green tank top and every other girl was in a white tshirt. we had to walk some mountain bikes through the water to get to the boat?? I don't know why we wanted to bring these bikes. I also think we had all been drinking and those water cops in the boats were stopping us. Turns out, they just knew Tony. They were cracking up because they recognized my shirt as one that he used to wear when he was younger! haha it was like a pastel green tank top. Dianna took it from me. She said she wanted to wear it and she would give me her white tshirt so at least i would have something, and she never did! She just left me shirtless. (I had a swim suit on though) hmm what else, what else. Oh, Carlie and I left the lake earlier than everyone to go to our friend Danee's apartment. On our way there I didn't have my seat belt on and we almost got in a GNARLY car accident, because Carlie was on her cell phone. hahaha (this girl in class yesterday did a speech on driving with cell phones!) Well, we get into Danee's apartment and for some reason I got avocado all over her bed. We were just talking and things, and Carlie brings up the fact that she's going to be turning 21 this weekend! (when really it's not until next summer). I'm thinking crap, I forgot to get her a present! so I run out and get her the weiiirdest things hahaha like a puzzle and some things for her car or something, it was so lame. haha

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It began with me having a party type of thing at my house and a lot of my friends were there. Carlie, Brandon, Robert, Lindsey.. all my peeps. Suddenly, I get this call that I have to go down to Venice to sit in jail for a little while to do some research. I've dreamt about this exact part of "Venice" sooooo many times. It's not actually in venice, but if this place ever actually exists I'm going to FREAK out! I could map out this entire beach right now! Anyway, this little jailhouse is right at the shore, and my brother and Kellan Monroe are in there!! It also doubles as a nail salon? and I was just sitting there filing my nails the entire time because I didn't know what this study entitled. Finally, this girl shows up, and tells me to follow her. So, I leave jail and she leads me into the ocean with nothing but a set of goggles. We begin to swim and look under water and she is giving me examples on how every fish in the sea is somone that I know!! It was actually kind of strange. We swam all of the way out to this island and noticed that the waves were HUGE on the other side, and we needed to go back. We swam back, and my mom was waiting for me in this car that I didn't recognize. I got in, and she was asking me if I was sure that I had to go through with my favor. I had nooo idea what she was talking about!! She said, "you know, the favor for that woman? To carry her child?" ahhhh I FREAKED OUT and remembered myself promising some woman that I would carry her child for her!! We drove to some house and met up with this woman, and I was trying to smooth talk my way out of doing this, which progressed to begging not to do it, and she just insisted that I already promised her I would. So, all depressed, I went to the mall to look for maternity clothes hahaha. I just went into my normal stores, to see if they sold any baggy clothes and Jeff was there! He listened to my story and then got me some water because I was FREAKING out. Then he helped me look around for some clothes, when I saw Christine and Andrew Acker (twins) who were DATING! It was sooooo disgusting! I just acted like I didn't understand, then I left. Jeff and I just kept walking around and I told him about all of the other things like that ocean study and being in jail and he offered to kick that girl's ass who was giving me the ocean tour! I didn't understand why!! haha

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alright well I had boxing gloves in the trunk of my car, and I don't know why. Hank, my first exboyfriend, was trying to date me again hahaha, and I was actually pregnant. While pregnant, something traumatic happened and the baby came out really early (because I watched the movie Jack yesterday) and i was holding my really small premature child! he was sooo cute and I loved him so much. Well, with Hank trying to get back with me I was trying to dodge him and hide from him, so I went to the beach. There was this camera crew folling like three blonde girls around, and I went up to them and asked them what show they were from. They said it's a new one on MTV and all you have to do is send in a video of yourself and they'll give you your own show. hahaha.. All I could think was, jeeze they're literally letting anyone on TV!! so I left the beach with my baby, and went to some party. There were so many people from my high school, and all I wanted was to eat some Mexican food. Hank kept trying to follow me around and all I wanted to do was get away!! I couldn't dodge him, so I told him that the baby was his and he raaaaaaannn!! haha.. even though I have no idea whose child it was. There was something else at this party... OH yea! I had this book from all of my memories from high school compiled together like a scrapbook, probably from reading my book that will change my life. haha

Monday, November 10, 2008


I remember living in San Francisco. I was there with Lindsey driving around, and we had met up with all of our friends for this HUGE protest. Everyone was there, and we made friends with a bunch of people that we didn't even know, so it was a lot of fun. After the protest, Lindsey and I left to go to this deaf children's center where they play with otters all day. ????!!! Anyway, when we pulled up I just let my car roll into the pool, and that was that. The thing is, this pool was a pool from one of my dreams last week that played a very small insignificant role where we were talking about putting a car into it!! So in this dream, I actually drove my car into the pool. The employees at this deaf children otter place were telling me there's no way I could get it out so I just said, "okay, then you try!" and I went to play with the kids. Somehow I knew sign language? and I was talking to these kids about our protest and about the otters. 
Woah, for some reason I just remembered a part from the beginning... while we were at the protest, I kept making people fall in love. People would tell me that they wanted one person and I would just MAKE IT HAPPEN, I don't even remember how. hahaha how funny.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

big steps?

I swear last night's dream was a dream of 'What Could Have Been'. haha! disguised as another work dream... I kept getting fed up with annoying tables! I left work to go meet up with Carlie and Kyle. Kyle proposed!!!!!! What the? and Carlie said yes. I couldn't believe it. I was just thinking, 'woaaah I had no idea you guys were even at that place????" Thennn I was still dating my exboyfriend Dylan! he kept trying to hold me and hug me and I was completely disgusted hahaha, how sad. I wanted NOTHING to do with him though! There was some concert thing outdoors and I literally saw EVERYONE that we talked about yesterday while we were there. So that's funny.. But at this place Dylan kept saying things like, "ohh, come here..." and like trying to rub my back and I was so grossed out so I just broke up with him and went home! When I got home my entire house was an art studio! my mom had been getting really into paints and everything and when I got home she said there was a surprise for me in my room. I went inside and there was a grand piano!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I pulled up a bench and went to play.. and then i woke up.

Friday, November 7, 2008


well I had a dream that The Dukes took me with them on their family vacation to Oklahoma this time! It was a blast. All of their cousins were there, and we took part in all of these relays like mudslides and iceblock racing. For some reason there was a boating event?? I didn't think ther was water in Oklahoma but WHATEVER. Then Carlie showed up, and she had just bought an extremely expensive shirt and we were all making fun of her because we were doing all of these dirty things in the mud haha. David was there from work, but he was supposed to be one of their cousins. uggghhh did I wait too long to type this?! I think I'm losing it! Alright let's see, I remember being on the boat thinking that we were going to fall off. I was wearing this tank top and they made me put my work clothes over it? ahhh I know there was so much more, too! darn.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

a little more this time :)

Robert was having a little party in his grandma's creepy little house. Lindsey and I went together and she got extreeemely drunk! When trying to find the bathroom in this house we followed the hallways to get to this HUGE room that had maybe 40 BROKEN toilets in it! talk about teasing.. so.. all throughout the house people are playing with power tools and fireworks and things, it's a little chaotic! there were these three guys who came in and befriended Lindsey and I. hahaha there was also this little kid... and everything i would say he would want to do that TEAM thing where you all put your hands in the middle, yell the phrase and BREAK! hahha... well let's see. in the house every room had a weiiiird name. Robert's room was the investigation room.. this room that we were hanging out in was the ROOM room haha. i remember Lindsey had a spare set of keys to her sister's car outside so we walked out there and were sitting in it, but i don't know why. ugggh there was a lot more :(

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I remember sitting in class next to these two mexican girls and one of them was on the phone and the other one kept craaaacking up. when i asked them was was funny one replied (talking about the other), "her boyfriend hates her shirt! we gotta go get a new one after school!" haha so i wanted to go and for some reason invited myself. we went to an H&M and my mom was there. I left and went to the Deli, where I saw Jerry who was actually doing really well - thank god. (my old boss who is like 75).. ahhh this is so boring. i haven't been remembering my dreams because i've been sick and i toss and turn!! :(

Monday, November 3, 2008

not your average work dream

It was this time of year, exactly: a couple of days after Halloween. I specifically rememberbecause I kept thinking of how OVER Halloween I was with every costume store and trick or treater that was still going around. Wel it started off like another work dream, and it was suuuper busy. I actually got really sick at work and was laying on the table in the kitchen SHAKING with a blanket over me and i said, "II'm so sick I don't even want to listen to a DISNEY SONG! I don't think I've ever said that in my life!" hahahaa... Alright, then, for some reason it was understood that some of us were plotting to leave Olive Garden through liability issues. This one girl left work and "got hit by a car" another "crashed her bike" and i guess, now that i think about it, mine was "getting extremely sick". we all were able to leave work and we were laughing the entire way as we ran with our freedom down this dirt road! Literally, in my head, I pictured all black and at the bottom it said "22 Months Later". hahahah.. Rochelle (this girl from work) and I had returned but we were CRAZY religious and healthy! our hair was nearly to the floor and we dressed in loooong white robes and didn't eat or drink anything but water and bread. So, she and I were sitting at the bar eating the breadsticks and drinking our water when this old man walked up. He began to criticize our lifestyle briefly and ordered TWO glasses of scotch in front of us, just to show that he didn't approve kind of thing. He asks me, "you think that you'll live longer eating like that? is your father still alive?" i replied, "no, i don't think so." and he said, "did he die eating like you?" and i said, "no he was more of a scotch man like yourself!" then as soon as i said that i looked and realized that IT WAS MY DAD. and i hadn't seen him in years upon years and i began to crrrryyyy into his shoulder! what's with all of these dreams where I'm crying??!?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back On Track

It started with me going to an orphanage. i worked there but it was my normal job, just at an orphanage. I was sat a party of like 20 an DID NOT want to take it because I could not stop crying about Andrea. For some reason it was hitting me really hard and I was just bawwwwwling. Dustin, form work, took a picture of me crying on his cell phone. weird. Theeennnn the people from the big party were sat and it was their wedding or something, so the girl gave me her digital camera to hold on to until the wedding the next day.
We slept on it, and the next morning I had school. I went to school (which is my dream school. Everytime i dream about going to school... 9 times out of 10 this is the school I go to!) well, I am at school and the teachers and students are getting tickets for the strangest reasons ever. No wearing regular eyeglasses outside, no walking a student into a building.... hahah the lamest things. There was people everywhere from my highschool who I haven't seen in a really long time. This girl Sam, in the dream, had cut off her legs and was now an amputee! It was crazy! We were all getting to know each other again, and it was funny, but everyone was so different. NOW it's time for the wedding. Everyone began to show up and I had realized that THE ONE JOB I WAS ASKED TO DO -- keep the camera -- I didn't do it! I had left it at my houuuuse! I didn't have my car, so I told this kid I'd pay him 10 dollars to drive me home on his little motorcycle to go get it. He did, and we made it back JUST IN TIME! hahaha. that's my dreeeamm!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night's dream was literally everything I thought about throughout the day, thrown in a blender, and mixed as a smoothie. Let's see how much I can remember. Alright in the beginning I was dating ZACK MORRIS. Not Mar-Paul Gosselaar, but ZACK MORRIS as a teenager. It was raining extremely hard and we were in this ooooold wooden house. Being a television star, he needed some drama in the mix, so he quietly went to the backhouse and left a match there with some lighterfluid so that it could burn! Really, the reason for him doing this was because he wanted some drama since he's used to being on television. I was the only one that actually knew why he did this. So when we look over and it burst into flames, I had ot act surprised! I called 911 immediately and the girl operator for the EMERGENCY LINE was like, "UMMMM, okkaaaaaay? you have a fire???? oh. um, allrrrrrrrrriiiiigghhht?" and i'm rushing her like, "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! SEND SOMEBODY!" She SAT on the phone and didn't say anything! hahaha, and I was like, "Hello, are you going to send a fire truck?" and she just goes, "DON'T RUSH ME, OKAY?" CLICK! and hangs up on me. Some preteen-hormonal little biotch was running the 911 dispatch! hahaha.. well.. we all, (Zack, Me, and 5 others i don't remember) sat around talking and playing games while waiting for the fire truck to come. Everyone left their cell phones out in the rain, like idiots and they all broke. Then I began analyzing my funds because out of nowhere it was TIME to go to Australia like NOW! I didn't dream the plane ride, but we got to Australia and it was BEAUTIFUL! hahahaha Lindsey's sister was a tourguide! ahh, funny. Well, the airport was literally next door to our hotel, so that was cool. And we spent a bunch of time at the beaches, since it will be summer when we go. Australia went by extremely fast, then we went back home to America to the burning house...... and the fire truck STILL HADN'T COME!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

too fresh?

Okay, this may be hard to understand seeing as how I woke up two minutes ago, my mind is scattered, and I'm writing all of this with my eyes closed because my laptop light is blinding in my cave room. My family owned some hardware store/craft supply store and i spent most of the time there. Hector and CJ from The OG were there, because they're probably my two favorite people to work with. Anyway, my brothe rpicked me up and we went cruising around in this crazy truck and everything looked like a video game, and was being played like one. We couldn't get to one part of this field without first going to the other, there were obstacles and everything! alright well one of the obstacles was a giant group of teenagers so i suggested throwing out to LESBIAN MOM'S to distract them so we could get by, and we did! okay, after that I'm back in our hardware store, and I spent a lot of time walking around looking at everything, imagining people to buy it fore. I kept wanting to get my nephew this giant Spongebob cutout (which is hilarious because I used KNOWING SPONGEBOB as an example in conversation yesterday).. Well, for some reason after one walk around the store, it turned into the early 1900's and i was showing this man around the shop! He wanted to buy a lamp for 5cents. I walked him around and showed him everything, while Moonchild by King Crimson played in my head hahah, wow! Then, at the end of the song I knew the old tour was over and it was back to our time period, so i went to the bathroom and freshened up my hair and makeup. For some reason we were selling beds in this hardward store and Hector pulled me aside and began to kiss me. He's married! (I bought a POSTSECRET book and read secrets on adultery last night) well.. he was trying to get me to sleep with him on these beds and I kept trying to tell him we shouldn't because people his wife knows are always coming in hahaha, so sketchy!!

this probably doesn't make sense, I'm still half alseep and don't feel like editing!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My dream was a mini three-part series that was completely and utterly irrelevant. The first part was me needing surgery. I was getting my intestines or pancreas removed for some reason. However, this hospital was so unsantiary!! Rather than have me in a bed, they just injected me with pain killers and let me roam around until they kicked in and they couple perform the operation. I was trying to get to this place downstairs and the drugs were kicking in and i couldn't walk anymore! So this guy David from work had to help me because I couldn't even move. Then he said something spooky like, "You're going to be like the devil without any organs inside!" and I remember thinking like, why would you say that to someone? haha. well, I blacked out during the operation, but it was successful. I had a huge bandage on my stomach, and there was NO recover time! I just went straight back home. Here, I was inside with this older black woman, and we decided to leave for some reason, to go get food or something? We go out and get into my car, I'm driving, and see a guy walking up the street with a baseball bat looking into cars. I even told her, "good thing we're leaving now, this guy looks like he's breaking into cars!" So we start to pull out, and I can see this guy in my rearview mirror RIGHT because my car chasing it! trying to break out the back window so we stop and he can steal my car!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! In my dream I drove off really fast because I had heard that there was a guy doing that exact method of stealing cars.. and now that I think about it, it was Renee from last night's dream! All of those disagreeable things that I mentioned... stealing cars in that particular way was one of them! HAHA! how funny! Alright.. I actually woke up after that happened, because I was kind of spooked, it was realistic! Part III, was that my work was at Los Osos High School. I had to go in, but I still had my surgery belly, and I was just waiting on tables, nothing too exciting.

Monday, October 27, 2008

white trash?

In this dream I was actually Lisa Kudrow. Actually, I was Lisa Kudrow as Pheobe Buffay. FINALLY! watching Friends before bed has had some affect on my dream! I was even hanging out with Monica and Rachel, who were Lindsey and Carlie. Carlie was Rachel, or Jennifer Anniston. The three of us were HANGING OUT in a truck station. When I say truck, I mean Semi-Truck! We were like the 'homless hotties' of the station! I was trying to learn how to drive a semi-truck and Carlie and Lindsey were flirting with all of these truck driver guys, who were actually good looking in the dream. Well Carlie, or Rachel, got this one fellow's name and he told her to call him without leaving his number or anything. But! She knew that he had been on one of the computers (?) in the other room (?) and that we could track him by finding the right one. Well, we go in to this computer room, and there are over 50 computers. It was a circle building and the computers were next to each other and wrapped around the entire building. Well, we went computer to computer searching for this guy!! I believe his name was Renee. While we were looking at all of the different computers frantically, people kept walking by talking about Renee and some offensively hilarious thing he just said! We knew we were close, but I kept telling Carlie what the people were saying about him didn't sound too attactive. My phone has been ringing off the hook waking me up for the next 20 minutes of the dream... (in real life) and all I remember from the end was dog wrestling? Me sleeping next to dogs? Trying to get comfortable when laying with dogs? I don't know, it was very strange.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Waited Too Long

My computer was extremely slow this morning, so I couldn't type up my dream right when I woke up.. buuuuut I do remember itty bitty parts of it, still. I remember going to Stacy Ems' house with her entire family. Carlie and I were scrounging up things for a costume.. and we came up with both of us dressing as Austin Powers haha.. I also remember spending a lot of time at a huge park, and it was wonderful. I wish I remembered moooooreeeee :(

Friday, October 24, 2008

stupid irony

Well, after a year or two of wanting a Dream Dictionary, I finally purchased one. NOW MY DREAMS ARE COMPLETELY CLEAR AND INTERPRETABLE!

haha, Speaking of Fargo

Carlie, Lindsey, I went to Mountain High, which ended up being where Fargo was actually filmed haha. It was a huge tourist spot for that reason alone! Lindsey had her sister's ID so she ordered a Tequila Sunrise and the bartender asked me if I wanted one too and I said sure, and he served it to us without carding. We felt so cool. hahaha it was really lame! Then, for some reason, Carlie was driving me crazy, and she wasn't even doing anything annoying! We spent the day skiing and things on the slopes where Fargo was filmed. That's it, that was my very anticlimactic dream!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Alriiight, well, in my dream i drove one of those SUV Mercedes and it was nice! Lindsey, Carlie, and I were driving around Beryl Park, when all these cars pulled up and we realizedit was Daniel Flores' surprise party.. we ran and hid so that no one would see us, and this dog pee'd on our backs while we were hiding! haha.. We got in the car and drove to the top of Sapphire where everyone was meeting to go surprise Daniel. It was like 5am, the sun was rising, which was weird. Alright, so, we are getting ready with a bunch of people to go surprise Daniel, and this girl (from Child Development class) asks to wear the coats that we are wearing? We were like, "No, because, um, we are wearing these ones?" She's a pretty strange girl, and I can't quite figure her out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I really don't remember much from last night's dream. I know I had one, which is extremely frustrating. What I remember, is that I lived on my own with Taylor and Allie. We went to a work pool party where there was a spa, and we all tried getting in but i kept slipping. Chris was there, asking about Christine. I told him I don't know, and blamed him for how she is. Before the pool party girls were putting blush on their entire body to look more tan hahaha. And again, when we were there, this old lady came up and asked me to gather as much ice as i could and follow her next door with it. so i did!
Ah! I just remembered there was something to do with The Deli? hmm.. I wish I could remember more. I was in such a deep sleep, it's hard to recall :)
oh well, there's always tonight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Julie and Carlie

My entire dream last night involved Carlie! It was realistic, because it just had our fun, spontaneous antics that we do once a week or month or so. It began with us driving out to Riverside to look at the hills and the homes. My car was a PIECE of crap because (even in life) I really have to go get my service. The breaks wouldn't work and everytime I would need to stop really fast, we would spin in circles. Anyway.. We drove around for hours finding the perfect places, lookouts, or houses.. then we would force ourselves to remember directions, haha. We would say, "AHH HOW DID WE GET TO THIS ONE? Alright, Exit 100th St, left of Baker.." and tried writing it down to the best of our memory. The whole dream was filled with whitty, and quite useless, banter, just like our real time is usally filled with.
When we got back home, we went to Carlie's house. Her mom had a big bag of candy, and kept feeding us candycanes (hahaha AH! Because of the candycane speech!).. Well, Carlie had to stop by her work and then it would be time for Movie in the Park. We go to Active, which loosely resembles Alta Loma High School, and she runs in and does whatever it was she needed to do?? Meanwhile, I sit in my car and rant to myself about how much I hate Active, and Carlie needs a new job, which is TOTALLY something that would actually happen, haha! So she gets back in the car, and it's off to the park for the movie. Ryan, Adrien, Brandon, and Pena were there.. and they spiked the punch hahaha, so lame. I don't remember much else of the movie going on.. But when it was over Carlie and I took home Jo Alvarez, our speech professor, and the car kept spinning out and Mrs. Alvarez would FREEEAAAK out! Can you blame her?

Well, that's all I remember because my alarm woke me up. When that happens, it interrupts what ever thought was in my mind, so... :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

alomst lost this one!

It took me a couple of minutes to remember my dream, but I pulled it out of the big filing cabinet upstairs! This dream was like a movie, or at least an episode of a television show of the supernatural, haha. In the beginning, it was clear that I would be going back in time to learn about this guy that my mom is interested in. I would be going back in time as my regular age, to a time when HE is my age. So basically, as my 19 year old self, I traveled back to the 70s when this man was 19 as well :). I actually am remembering now, I brought Carlie and Kyle along, so I wouldn't just be lost in the 70s without anybody.

Alright, well i get to the 70s and find this man. He's actually one of those dark, myterious type of fellows. So Carlie, Kyle, and I go to his house where his family is having a small get together. By small, I mean he and his 5 sisters are all getting wasted and sharing stories: a perfect time to learn about this guy for my mom! Only family is let inside, while everyone else is in the front yard. So, I make up some excuse to go use the bathroom or something, and I have his loudest sister accompany me. She leads the way, meanwhile, spilling every old story about her brother. She tells me, "One time, he killed a guy at a baseball game! It was a complete accident.... blah blah blah." So I'm getting all this dirt on this boy, and I finally see him walking outside and I go to follow him. He gets in a car and goes to this restaurant where he's sitting alone for quite some time. This was my chance to go in and learn about him first hand. So I go into this Oriental restaurant, and sit next to this guy, when I realize how gorgeous he is. He's quite and reserved, and I respect that. For some reason, at this point in the dream my viewpoint was from the outside of the restaurant. I have no idea what was said between us, but I could see the two of us from the street through a giant glass window. It seemed as if we were getting along!

-- Then, it jumped to maybe a year later, with Carlie, Kyle, this guy, and I eating in a diner. He and I on one side of the booth, with them on the other; a double date. We had fallen in love. While my intentions were to meet this man for my mom, I ended up taking the year to learn from and grow with him!

-- Jump to the four of us at an old apartment complex, resembling that of a hotel. It looked like the Rodeway Inn in San Francisco,

Carlie and I were upstairs at the ledge of the balcony, with him and Kyle about to jump in the car. This part of the dream was the view of third person, not through my eyes. I asked where they're going. He yelled back, "I'm going away for a while. Wait for me?" Me, being completely in love with him, agreed.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Criss Angel: Mind Freak

Last night's occurances overlapped with my dreams on too many levels, and there's no way for me to tell which is which! Maybe later in the day I'll be able to tell the difference in situations.. or maybe I'll just have to wait until tonight for my next dream!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

OG Killer?

Last night I couldn't fall asleep because of my dry throat and clogged nose, so I only slept around 4 hours. :(
Therefore, my dream last night was just short and to the point. I had a dream I was at work for this meeting I have to go to in an hour, and I was a the host stand in the front of the restaurant with one of our hostesses. Because this meeting is so early in the morning, we weren't open yet. This extremely petite black lady comes up the door and begins to demand that we open the door for her! We kept repeating "We aren't open until 11!" and making gestures to the Hours sign.. The upset woman grabbed a gun out of her purse and pointed it at us! We immediately hit the floor, and heard a shot. We didn't hear any broken glass, so we slowly walked to the door to look outside, and the lady killed herself! Then I woke up.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Last night's dream was the type of dream that I have most often: a work dream!

Well, why Olive Garden was in some hotel? I don't know.. but the entire staff from Ontario was working at the Temecula OG, and it was huge! No body knew the table numbers and there were no breadsticks --chaos! This one girl that no one like was ASLEEP in a closet? We were like "UUUGGHHH! SHE IS SO LAZY!" haha.. Everyone hated this retaurant so no one was doing anything right. I was only a breaker, so when I was done I went and roamed the hotel. At one table on my way to the back, I actually saw this older black gentleman that always comes into my work! haha, so it made my dream realistic! Well, as I was roaming this hotel, I kept passing this elevator that I could never catch! It was FULL of people! I wanted to join the party in the elevator, but by the time i would get tired of waiting and walk away, it would open! Likewise, when I would hear it open and try to run back, it would be beginning to close. Finally, I was just talking to the bellhop, and the door opened again! This girl held the door open for me and was like, "Come in! Hurry!" So, finally, I get in the elevator with these people and they are dancing and singing... This one girl comes to me, and realized I'm not from around Temecula. I asked how she could tell, and she said because "I don't look like I used to be white trash." hahaha.. whaaaat? She went on and on telling me how she used to be SO ugly.. and her boyfriend, who is now the hottest guy at the party apparently, used to be an ugly duckling, too. haha, funny. There was more to this dream, but I can't remember!! Something about a supermarket?? I can't think of it..

aahhhh, I completely forgot! I had another part of the dream where I looked out the window of the hotel and it was POURING rain! It was such a sight for sore eyes. I was so excited that I could finally wear the new rainboots I bought! haha :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


FIRST DREAM POST :) I'm excited, are you?

Okay. It started out with me wanting to go shopping at the mall. I ended up falling asleep (in my dream) and getting in the car with nobody. Somehow, I was driving myself to the mall, from the comfort of the backseat. I was just cruising, belting out Build Me Up Buttercup, when I got pulled over. The cop walked up to the car and saw that it was completely empty except for me in the backseat and immediately said, "We're taking you in, you're in no condition to drive home!" Turns out, I was arrested for Wreckless Sleep Driving?? Whatever, I had to be detained in what looked like a DOG POUND for people! It didn't resemble jail with the bars all around, it had chain link fences around our little maybe 6x7 foot cubicle with a cot in the middle. For some reason, all I had with me was my laptop. I kept trying to get online to tell SOMEONE to tell my mom what had happened to me, but my laptop kept dying. Well, I'm sitting on my cot, and who else is imprisoned with me, but Brandon! hahaha, what are the odds my best friend would be under arrest for something too. I'm trying to remember what the official name for what it was... ohh yea "Solitary Confinement" is what we kept calling it, even though, everyone's chainlink cell shared one chainlink wall, making it anything but solitary. Somehow, a bunch of things from my childhood arrived for me to live with in my cell? All it was really was some pictures of my ex boyfriend and stuffed animals. I ended up throwing the pictures away and lining up every stuffed animal. Brandon said, "The institute isn't a babysitter, why do you have to many stuffed animals!" haha.. My second day in Solitary Confinement (hahaa) one of the other guys in the cell (WHO, now I'm noticing, looks like a guy from my Communications class) starts going on and on about how Brandon is the badass of the place and no one is going to mess with me, because me and him are tight haha. Anyway, the deal was that I had to be there three days, and on the last day, I could leave and do whatever I wanted, but had to return by 9:00pm to sleep one last night there, and I would be checked out in the morning. Of course, I left on the third day, and forgot about my cerfew until I'm driving in the opposite direction on the freeway at 8:50pm hahaha.. oh the suspense! I think I was in the car with Carlie and Lindsey, and we turned around immediately, and I was in the clear.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Brief Introduction?

These are the stories, jokes, and experiences that occur in the other life we all experience, but so often forget about: dreamworld. I encourage all of my friends to read these, as you will come to realize you could very well be the star. I will try to post my dreams as often as I remember them, and please, they are completely up for analyzation!