Monday, March 30, 2009

scary town

Sunday night (in the dream) i had to go to this college party. my friend told me that this guy James that i work with is having issues picking up on girls, so they needed a really hot girl to turn him down again so he gets all discouraged. so i put on a short blond wig (so he wouldn't recognize me) and immediately, he tried hitting on me!! i totally just kept walking away, and he was getting SOOO frustrated, it was hilarious. so he walked me to my car, and i just kept blowing him off. hahaha, but hiding in the shadow behind my car was my real boyfriend, Alladdin. hahaha, in his regular Aladdin outfit and all! so funny. there was throw up all over my car, too. and that's because it was at a college dorm place, and someone had thrown up out of their room window and landed on my car. it wasn't my car though, it was an old Orange VW Bus. the dream skipped, and i had woken up Monday morning and went to eat The Deli. they were telling me that they had called me the day before for something, but i never got the phone call. so i went back 'home' and met up with Brandon, Taylor, and my mom. Brandon was bugging me to go out to Riverside with him, but i had way too much crap to do! Monday (in real life, today) consists of school at 8:30 then work at 4. i told him i didn't want to rush back and forth between Riverside and here, and he got all pissed. the only catch is, i was late for my class! i totally missed it. i hadn't even realized that The Deli opens at 11 and just by me going there meant that my class had already ended, haha. so i'm in my house and Brandon goes outside to talk on the phone. when he comes back, he totally rips his pants down the middle on accident! then we were all kind of laughing and he got all upset and ran into his room or something. the weird thing was, his hair was as long as his sisters.. like to his butt!! so i went outside to go get some fresh air (outside my house looked like an alley in Pomona). so i was sitting against the wall, and Casey and Nick Naveda walked up and tried telling me to come to Riverside. i told them how busy i was and that i had to go to work, so they just went and sat in my car so that i couldn't leave, haha. then Lindsey just walked up the street with her 'dog'. this dog was half Australian Sheppard, half Black Rhino, hahahahaha. it's because of the Wild Animal Park yesterday!! the Black Rhino are the most dangerous! and i was telling her that, but she said it was okay, since it didn't have knee caps. it was actually really cute. so i realized i had to go to work. my work, oddly enough, wasn't Olive Garden. it was working in a Coffee Bean Deli. however, my job today was to put out all of the food that was expiring on this counter for our friend that worked at a 99 cent store. instead, me and this girl who worked at the Coffee Bean place with me went to our Deli and got a bunch of GOOD food, and sold that. it was weird. when we had just finished working, a mailman passerby gave us a letter. the girl was reading it to us and it said something about shooting up the store, but it was dated like three years earlier. then it warned us that there would be a 2nd clue if we checked the answering machine. so we checked it, and it was someone saying they were coming after me. i was so scared! so i called Jeff, and asked him if he could pick me up or something. he said that he wanted to go look around haunted car dealerships that night, and that he would come pick me up. he never came though!!! so this part of the dream gets hazy, but i know that four or five guys tried shooting up the store and we just kept running around and dodging it. after a loooong while, we were all exhausted and sat on this grass hill and talked about how no one got shot. just then, this guy with a machine gun who was hiding behind cars started going CRAZY. he was shooting everything. he would even just point the gun in the air and let rounds go off! i was hiding behind a green Ford Explorer when he found me. i begged him not to kill me, and he said if i could hurt him, then he would kill himself. so i picked up the biggest rock i could find and hurled it at his face. too bad i had horrible aim and it just hit his arm. luckily, it ripped his jacket, which was very sentimental to him, and he decided that i had hurt him emotionally, which is worse than any physical pain, haha. so he went into the middle of the street, and shot himself in the head. it was so weird. so i just went back on the hill with all of my friends, and we were all drinking wine, as if nothing had happened. Lindsey was sitting next to me smoking a cigarette, and she kept ashing on my arm and hands, and they actually REALLY hurt in the dream.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i had won a brand new car. it was waiting for me at the corner of Day Creek and Foothill, and i just kept passing it without picking it up. i went to work instead, and once we were off we had to go to this field and climb this extremely tall mountain. haha, now that i think about it, it was completely representing a challenge. because i wanted to go the easy way up, but i would have to climb up a vertical wall. everyone else took the long, safe way. anyway, i remember finally having accomplished it, even though i don't remember actually DOING it. then Lindsey and i met up at Burger King, and we decided to go get my new car. it was a huge brand new red Chevy truck, haha. Lindsey said that she had tried picking it up for me before, but she couldn't get it started. so we pushed it from the side of the street to the parking lot, and i started fumbling around, trying to get it to start. i unhooked this latch, and it turns out that it was a street bike INSIDE of the truck, and i had won both!!! so we started driving both of them around, mostly in circles through the parking lot. i told Lindsey that she could buy the truck off of me for SUPER cheap, since her truck is really running into the ground, and i decided that i would give my brother the street bike, since he is looking to buy one anyway. before i sold her the truck or anything, i took it for a drive. the truck was REALLY high up. when i was driving it, it became night time, and i couldn't even see any street signs or anything because the top of the truck felt like it was in the trees! i ended up as far as i could go up this street, when this scary guy in a wife beater and underwear ran out to my car with a shotgun and started asking me what i was doing! i told him i was taking my new truck for a drive and he was just yelling at me, "WHY COULDN'T YOU DRIVE IT AROUND YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD!!" then he tried getting in the car and i was really scared... then i woke up.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the 2nd part of last night

i had a dream that i went into work and totally neglected my only two tables because it was the anniversary of Andrea's death and i couldn't stop crying. then, when it hit midnight, everyone had this huge countdown and on all of our computers it cut to this huge surprise birthday present for some girl that i don't know. haha. i was wearing sandals with my uniform, too, because it was more comfortable, haha. then, after my tables left, i was sitting at the bar with Carlie and my friend Alex. Alex suggested that we try this soda that she invented.. it was iced tea mixed with orange soda and oh my gooooosh it was soooooo good! haha i want to try it in real life, just to see. then a car full of people approached me and asked if i wanted to go on a road trip, so i said yes. we took this beat up Jeep Cherokee type of car, and it just skipped to when we were returning. all of us were tan, dirty, and happy. so it must have been a good road trip! when i got back i went to Brandon's house to get ready for a prom??? haha, and Jeff was my date :) but Brandon's dad was there and he was quizzing me on everything! on my dress, on my tattoo (because he hasn't seen it yet), on my date, EVERYTHING! so finally Jeff picked me up and Brandon was going to stay behind and wait for his date, and Jeff began telling me that he made this composition of all of his favorite blogs than he's ever written and he was getting it published!

og overseas

it started out with Jeff and i hanging out at my house like we usually do, but there was this lady this time. she was a crazy blond lady (like from Dear, Zachary) and she had a baby son with her that was 'possessed' by the devil. so, Jeff and i were trying to help her watch this devil child, but he was totally normal. the only strange things that would happen would be the kid falling out of vents in my house or randomly showing up in a cabinet, haha. then, the woman couldn't find her son (even though he was on the floor right by Jeff and i) and she began to cuss and and freak out, she started hitting things.. and i don't know, just the way that she was cussing made us realize that she was the one possessed and she wanted us to help kill her son or something. it was crazy. theeennnn it cut to me having to go to work, who knows what happened to the lady and her poor son. but in lieu of actual work, we were taken on a plane to Africa. we went there with these executive people who had a ton of luggage. when we got off the plane, we all started unloading the baggage, and i noticed what had to be half a mile long of elevated cages, filled with black people. almost all of them were teenagers, and they were just staring at us and singing little hymns. so we're helping them off of the plane, and this executive lady pulls Carlos and i aside and tells us we're staying. STAYING in Africa with some woman! everyone that i work with didn't care, so they bounced and it was just Carlos and i. so we carried all of her bags back to her place, and we couldn't figure out how we would ever get back home. we were just sitting on the couch, when suddenly these men burst in and shove Jeff on the couch with us! we heard them explaining to the woman in the other room that they found Jeff wandering around and they needed to capture him, haha. we just started laughing, hugging, and kissing. it made the whole situation better. there was this huge wave of relief now that he had come. haha, like being stuck in Africa just didn't matter anymore.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lindsey, Carlie, and Christine had come into my work because today is Lindsey's 21st birthday (in real life). i didn't have tables when they came in, so i sat at the bar with them and had a margarita, haha. ah, i almost forgot! while we were at the bar, we watched the big guy from Choke and some guy with bleached hair play a little show in the bar. the guy from Choke was on a stand up bass and the bleached hair guy was playing violin. haha we kept saying, "hey! 1998 called! it wants its hair back!" then we just went outside and laid down in the grass, me completely forgetting i was working. then some girl covered all of my tables for me, and i gave her 20 dollars for her help. i had to be the last one at work, so when i was closing one of the managers gave me this HUGE puzzle. i started putting it together, and it took me sooooo long. for some reason Bjorn picked me up from work. when he dropped me off it wasn't at my house.. my mother and i were staying in a hotel room? weird.