Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night's dream was literally everything I thought about throughout the day, thrown in a blender, and mixed as a smoothie. Let's see how much I can remember. Alright in the beginning I was dating ZACK MORRIS. Not Mar-Paul Gosselaar, but ZACK MORRIS as a teenager. It was raining extremely hard and we were in this ooooold wooden house. Being a television star, he needed some drama in the mix, so he quietly went to the backhouse and left a match there with some lighterfluid so that it could burn! Really, the reason for him doing this was because he wanted some drama since he's used to being on television. I was the only one that actually knew why he did this. So when we look over and it burst into flames, I had ot act surprised! I called 911 immediately and the girl operator for the EMERGENCY LINE was like, "UMMMM, okkaaaaaay? you have a fire???? oh. um, allrrrrrrrrriiiiigghhht?" and i'm rushing her like, "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! SEND SOMEBODY!" She SAT on the phone and didn't say anything! hahaha, and I was like, "Hello, are you going to send a fire truck?" and she just goes, "DON'T RUSH ME, OKAY?" CLICK! and hangs up on me. Some preteen-hormonal little biotch was running the 911 dispatch! hahaha.. well.. we all, (Zack, Me, and 5 others i don't remember) sat around talking and playing games while waiting for the fire truck to come. Everyone left their cell phones out in the rain, like idiots and they all broke. Then I began analyzing my funds because out of nowhere it was TIME to go to Australia like NOW! I didn't dream the plane ride, but we got to Australia and it was BEAUTIFUL! hahahaha Lindsey's sister was a tourguide! ahh, funny. Well, the airport was literally next door to our hotel, so that was cool. And we spent a bunch of time at the beaches, since it will be summer when we go. Australia went by extremely fast, then we went back home to America to the burning house...... and the fire truck STILL HADN'T COME!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

too fresh?

Okay, this may be hard to understand seeing as how I woke up two minutes ago, my mind is scattered, and I'm writing all of this with my eyes closed because my laptop light is blinding in my cave room. My family owned some hardware store/craft supply store and i spent most of the time there. Hector and CJ from The OG were there, because they're probably my two favorite people to work with. Anyway, my brothe rpicked me up and we went cruising around in this crazy truck and everything looked like a video game, and was being played like one. We couldn't get to one part of this field without first going to the other, there were obstacles and everything! alright well one of the obstacles was a giant group of teenagers so i suggested throwing out to LESBIAN MOM'S to distract them so we could get by, and we did! okay, after that I'm back in our hardware store, and I spent a lot of time walking around looking at everything, imagining people to buy it fore. I kept wanting to get my nephew this giant Spongebob cutout (which is hilarious because I used KNOWING SPONGEBOB as an example in conversation yesterday).. Well, for some reason after one walk around the store, it turned into the early 1900's and i was showing this man around the shop! He wanted to buy a lamp for 5cents. I walked him around and showed him everything, while Moonchild by King Crimson played in my head hahah, wow! Then, at the end of the song I knew the old tour was over and it was back to our time period, so i went to the bathroom and freshened up my hair and makeup. For some reason we were selling beds in this hardward store and Hector pulled me aside and began to kiss me. He's married! (I bought a POSTSECRET book and read secrets on adultery last night) well.. he was trying to get me to sleep with him on these beds and I kept trying to tell him we shouldn't because people his wife knows are always coming in hahaha, so sketchy!!

this probably doesn't make sense, I'm still half alseep and don't feel like editing!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My dream was a mini three-part series that was completely and utterly irrelevant. The first part was me needing surgery. I was getting my intestines or pancreas removed for some reason. However, this hospital was so unsantiary!! Rather than have me in a bed, they just injected me with pain killers and let me roam around until they kicked in and they couple perform the operation. I was trying to get to this place downstairs and the drugs were kicking in and i couldn't walk anymore! So this guy David from work had to help me because I couldn't even move. Then he said something spooky like, "You're going to be like the devil without any organs inside!" and I remember thinking like, why would you say that to someone? haha. well, I blacked out during the operation, but it was successful. I had a huge bandage on my stomach, and there was NO recover time! I just went straight back home. Here, I was inside with this older black woman, and we decided to leave for some reason, to go get food or something? We go out and get into my car, I'm driving, and see a guy walking up the street with a baseball bat looking into cars. I even told her, "good thing we're leaving now, this guy looks like he's breaking into cars!" So we start to pull out, and I can see this guy in my rearview mirror RIGHT because my car chasing it! trying to break out the back window so we stop and he can steal my car!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! In my dream I drove off really fast because I had heard that there was a guy doing that exact method of stealing cars.. and now that I think about it, it was Renee from last night's dream! All of those disagreeable things that I mentioned... stealing cars in that particular way was one of them! HAHA! how funny! Alright.. I actually woke up after that happened, because I was kind of spooked, it was realistic! Part III, was that my work was at Los Osos High School. I had to go in, but I still had my surgery belly, and I was just waiting on tables, nothing too exciting.

Monday, October 27, 2008

white trash?

In this dream I was actually Lisa Kudrow. Actually, I was Lisa Kudrow as Pheobe Buffay. FINALLY! watching Friends before bed has had some affect on my dream! I was even hanging out with Monica and Rachel, who were Lindsey and Carlie. Carlie was Rachel, or Jennifer Anniston. The three of us were HANGING OUT in a truck station. When I say truck, I mean Semi-Truck! We were like the 'homless hotties' of the station! I was trying to learn how to drive a semi-truck and Carlie and Lindsey were flirting with all of these truck driver guys, who were actually good looking in the dream. Well Carlie, or Rachel, got this one fellow's name and he told her to call him without leaving his number or anything. But! She knew that he had been on one of the computers (?) in the other room (?) and that we could track him by finding the right one. Well, we go in to this computer room, and there are over 50 computers. It was a circle building and the computers were next to each other and wrapped around the entire building. Well, we went computer to computer searching for this guy!! I believe his name was Renee. While we were looking at all of the different computers frantically, people kept walking by talking about Renee and some offensively hilarious thing he just said! We knew we were close, but I kept telling Carlie what the people were saying about him didn't sound too attactive. My phone has been ringing off the hook waking me up for the next 20 minutes of the dream... (in real life) and all I remember from the end was dog wrestling? Me sleeping next to dogs? Trying to get comfortable when laying with dogs? I don't know, it was very strange.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Waited Too Long

My computer was extremely slow this morning, so I couldn't type up my dream right when I woke up.. buuuuut I do remember itty bitty parts of it, still. I remember going to Stacy Ems' house with her entire family. Carlie and I were scrounging up things for a costume.. and we came up with both of us dressing as Austin Powers haha.. I also remember spending a lot of time at a huge park, and it was wonderful. I wish I remembered moooooreeeee :(

Friday, October 24, 2008

stupid irony

Well, after a year or two of wanting a Dream Dictionary, I finally purchased one. NOW MY DREAMS ARE COMPLETELY CLEAR AND INTERPRETABLE!

haha, Speaking of Fargo

Carlie, Lindsey, I went to Mountain High, which ended up being where Fargo was actually filmed haha. It was a huge tourist spot for that reason alone! Lindsey had her sister's ID so she ordered a Tequila Sunrise and the bartender asked me if I wanted one too and I said sure, and he served it to us without carding. We felt so cool. hahaha it was really lame! Then, for some reason, Carlie was driving me crazy, and she wasn't even doing anything annoying! We spent the day skiing and things on the slopes where Fargo was filmed. That's it, that was my very anticlimactic dream!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Alriiight, well, in my dream i drove one of those SUV Mercedes and it was nice! Lindsey, Carlie, and I were driving around Beryl Park, when all these cars pulled up and we realizedit was Daniel Flores' surprise party.. we ran and hid so that no one would see us, and this dog pee'd on our backs while we were hiding! haha.. We got in the car and drove to the top of Sapphire where everyone was meeting to go surprise Daniel. It was like 5am, the sun was rising, which was weird. Alright, so, we are getting ready with a bunch of people to go surprise Daniel, and this girl (from Child Development class) asks to wear the coats that we are wearing? We were like, "No, because, um, we are wearing these ones?" She's a pretty strange girl, and I can't quite figure her out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I really don't remember much from last night's dream. I know I had one, which is extremely frustrating. What I remember, is that I lived on my own with Taylor and Allie. We went to a work pool party where there was a spa, and we all tried getting in but i kept slipping. Chris was there, asking about Christine. I told him I don't know, and blamed him for how she is. Before the pool party girls were putting blush on their entire body to look more tan hahaha. And again, when we were there, this old lady came up and asked me to gather as much ice as i could and follow her next door with it. so i did!
Ah! I just remembered there was something to do with The Deli? hmm.. I wish I could remember more. I was in such a deep sleep, it's hard to recall :)
oh well, there's always tonight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Julie and Carlie

My entire dream last night involved Carlie! It was realistic, because it just had our fun, spontaneous antics that we do once a week or month or so. It began with us driving out to Riverside to look at the hills and the homes. My car was a PIECE of crap because (even in life) I really have to go get my service. The breaks wouldn't work and everytime I would need to stop really fast, we would spin in circles. Anyway.. We drove around for hours finding the perfect places, lookouts, or houses.. then we would force ourselves to remember directions, haha. We would say, "AHH HOW DID WE GET TO THIS ONE? Alright, Exit 100th St, left of Baker.." and tried writing it down to the best of our memory. The whole dream was filled with whitty, and quite useless, banter, just like our real time is usally filled with.
When we got back home, we went to Carlie's house. Her mom had a big bag of candy, and kept feeding us candycanes (hahaha AH! Because of the candycane speech!).. Well, Carlie had to stop by her work and then it would be time for Movie in the Park. We go to Active, which loosely resembles Alta Loma High School, and she runs in and does whatever it was she needed to do?? Meanwhile, I sit in my car and rant to myself about how much I hate Active, and Carlie needs a new job, which is TOTALLY something that would actually happen, haha! So she gets back in the car, and it's off to the park for the movie. Ryan, Adrien, Brandon, and Pena were there.. and they spiked the punch hahaha, so lame. I don't remember much else of the movie going on.. But when it was over Carlie and I took home Jo Alvarez, our speech professor, and the car kept spinning out and Mrs. Alvarez would FREEEAAAK out! Can you blame her?

Well, that's all I remember because my alarm woke me up. When that happens, it interrupts what ever thought was in my mind, so... :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

alomst lost this one!

It took me a couple of minutes to remember my dream, but I pulled it out of the big filing cabinet upstairs! This dream was like a movie, or at least an episode of a television show of the supernatural, haha. In the beginning, it was clear that I would be going back in time to learn about this guy that my mom is interested in. I would be going back in time as my regular age, to a time when HE is my age. So basically, as my 19 year old self, I traveled back to the 70s when this man was 19 as well :). I actually am remembering now, I brought Carlie and Kyle along, so I wouldn't just be lost in the 70s without anybody.

Alright, well i get to the 70s and find this man. He's actually one of those dark, myterious type of fellows. So Carlie, Kyle, and I go to his house where his family is having a small get together. By small, I mean he and his 5 sisters are all getting wasted and sharing stories: a perfect time to learn about this guy for my mom! Only family is let inside, while everyone else is in the front yard. So, I make up some excuse to go use the bathroom or something, and I have his loudest sister accompany me. She leads the way, meanwhile, spilling every old story about her brother. She tells me, "One time, he killed a guy at a baseball game! It was a complete accident.... blah blah blah." So I'm getting all this dirt on this boy, and I finally see him walking outside and I go to follow him. He gets in a car and goes to this restaurant where he's sitting alone for quite some time. This was my chance to go in and learn about him first hand. So I go into this Oriental restaurant, and sit next to this guy, when I realize how gorgeous he is. He's quite and reserved, and I respect that. For some reason, at this point in the dream my viewpoint was from the outside of the restaurant. I have no idea what was said between us, but I could see the two of us from the street through a giant glass window. It seemed as if we were getting along!

-- Then, it jumped to maybe a year later, with Carlie, Kyle, this guy, and I eating in a diner. He and I on one side of the booth, with them on the other; a double date. We had fallen in love. While my intentions were to meet this man for my mom, I ended up taking the year to learn from and grow with him!

-- Jump to the four of us at an old apartment complex, resembling that of a hotel. It looked like the Rodeway Inn in San Francisco,

Carlie and I were upstairs at the ledge of the balcony, with him and Kyle about to jump in the car. This part of the dream was the view of third person, not through my eyes. I asked where they're going. He yelled back, "I'm going away for a while. Wait for me?" Me, being completely in love with him, agreed.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Criss Angel: Mind Freak

Last night's occurances overlapped with my dreams on too many levels, and there's no way for me to tell which is which! Maybe later in the day I'll be able to tell the difference in situations.. or maybe I'll just have to wait until tonight for my next dream!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

OG Killer?

Last night I couldn't fall asleep because of my dry throat and clogged nose, so I only slept around 4 hours. :(
Therefore, my dream last night was just short and to the point. I had a dream I was at work for this meeting I have to go to in an hour, and I was a the host stand in the front of the restaurant with one of our hostesses. Because this meeting is so early in the morning, we weren't open yet. This extremely petite black lady comes up the door and begins to demand that we open the door for her! We kept repeating "We aren't open until 11!" and making gestures to the Hours sign.. The upset woman grabbed a gun out of her purse and pointed it at us! We immediately hit the floor, and heard a shot. We didn't hear any broken glass, so we slowly walked to the door to look outside, and the lady killed herself! Then I woke up.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Last night's dream was the type of dream that I have most often: a work dream!

Well, why Olive Garden was in some hotel? I don't know.. but the entire staff from Ontario was working at the Temecula OG, and it was huge! No body knew the table numbers and there were no breadsticks --chaos! This one girl that no one like was ASLEEP in a closet? We were like "UUUGGHHH! SHE IS SO LAZY!" haha.. Everyone hated this retaurant so no one was doing anything right. I was only a breaker, so when I was done I went and roamed the hotel. At one table on my way to the back, I actually saw this older black gentleman that always comes into my work! haha, so it made my dream realistic! Well, as I was roaming this hotel, I kept passing this elevator that I could never catch! It was FULL of people! I wanted to join the party in the elevator, but by the time i would get tired of waiting and walk away, it would open! Likewise, when I would hear it open and try to run back, it would be beginning to close. Finally, I was just talking to the bellhop, and the door opened again! This girl held the door open for me and was like, "Come in! Hurry!" So, finally, I get in the elevator with these people and they are dancing and singing... This one girl comes to me, and realized I'm not from around Temecula. I asked how she could tell, and she said because "I don't look like I used to be white trash." hahaha.. whaaaat? She went on and on telling me how she used to be SO ugly.. and her boyfriend, who is now the hottest guy at the party apparently, used to be an ugly duckling, too. haha, funny. There was more to this dream, but I can't remember!! Something about a supermarket?? I can't think of it..

aahhhh, I completely forgot! I had another part of the dream where I looked out the window of the hotel and it was POURING rain! It was such a sight for sore eyes. I was so excited that I could finally wear the new rainboots I bought! haha :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


FIRST DREAM POST :) I'm excited, are you?

Okay. It started out with me wanting to go shopping at the mall. I ended up falling asleep (in my dream) and getting in the car with nobody. Somehow, I was driving myself to the mall, from the comfort of the backseat. I was just cruising, belting out Build Me Up Buttercup, when I got pulled over. The cop walked up to the car and saw that it was completely empty except for me in the backseat and immediately said, "We're taking you in, you're in no condition to drive home!" Turns out, I was arrested for Wreckless Sleep Driving?? Whatever, I had to be detained in what looked like a DOG POUND for people! It didn't resemble jail with the bars all around, it had chain link fences around our little maybe 6x7 foot cubicle with a cot in the middle. For some reason, all I had with me was my laptop. I kept trying to get online to tell SOMEONE to tell my mom what had happened to me, but my laptop kept dying. Well, I'm sitting on my cot, and who else is imprisoned with me, but Brandon! hahaha, what are the odds my best friend would be under arrest for something too. I'm trying to remember what the official name for what it was... ohh yea "Solitary Confinement" is what we kept calling it, even though, everyone's chainlink cell shared one chainlink wall, making it anything but solitary. Somehow, a bunch of things from my childhood arrived for me to live with in my cell? All it was really was some pictures of my ex boyfriend and stuffed animals. I ended up throwing the pictures away and lining up every stuffed animal. Brandon said, "The institute isn't a babysitter, why do you have to many stuffed animals!" haha.. My second day in Solitary Confinement (hahaa) one of the other guys in the cell (WHO, now I'm noticing, looks like a guy from my Communications class) starts going on and on about how Brandon is the badass of the place and no one is going to mess with me, because me and him are tight haha. Anyway, the deal was that I had to be there three days, and on the last day, I could leave and do whatever I wanted, but had to return by 9:00pm to sleep one last night there, and I would be checked out in the morning. Of course, I left on the third day, and forgot about my cerfew until I'm driving in the opposite direction on the freeway at 8:50pm hahaha.. oh the suspense! I think I was in the car with Carlie and Lindsey, and we turned around immediately, and I was in the clear.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Brief Introduction?

These are the stories, jokes, and experiences that occur in the other life we all experience, but so often forget about: dreamworld. I encourage all of my friends to read these, as you will come to realize you could very well be the star. I will try to post my dreams as often as I remember them, and please, they are completely up for analyzation!