Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sketchy guy

Amber from work, Dominique from work, the Woodalls, Brandon, Carlie, Paul Violet, Jeff, Lindsey, and maybe five or six more of my friends were all playing some cards together and stuff and we decided to go walk to Denny's for some food since we were hungry. it was in a city, it kind of looked like LA or Beverly Hills. so we were all walking to Denny's and while we were in there, there was some creepy guy, who i noticed, that had been watching us. he was in a blue windbreaker and had hair that was way longer than mine, combed straight. he was a shorter guy with light brown hair and blue eyes, ugh i can picture him so perfectly. he was kind of giving me the creeps during the whole breakfast. so we all got up to leave and walk out onto the street, where he is holding like 30 people at gunpoint. we all stop and i get behind someone because i knew he had been eyeballing me the whole time. a cop was kind of helping us out, trying to calm the guy down, telling all of us to just do whatever he wants. so the crazy guy says he wants two people to make out. Braaaaandon aaaaaaaannnnd Juuuullliiiiie WOODALL. there is no Julie Woodall, but my friend Ashley Woodall was apparently named Julie for the dream. i was all nervous he was going to say my name. then we were all scared because he actually knew our names! ugh, this guy was so scary. so the two of them made out, and everyone began to clear. the guy didn't get arrested! instead he came up to Jeff, Carlie, and I and said, "YOU KNOW, i've just been FIRED. soooo i'm a little on edge. it's just the cycle. like the tide of the west affecting job loss and people's personalities......" the guy just went on and on about crazy nonsense and i was SO scared, literally, with my back up against a wall. the cop told him to kind of leave us alone, and we were able to break free from our conversation. we started walking away, back to our hotel, and i noticed the guy was still lingering close behind!!!!! so there was this huuuge BevMo type of store and i went in and bought a bunch of knives. while i was in there, i saw him walk by outside and he just stared me down. UGH, this guy was so creepy!! i was buying a switchblade, and the cashier was kind of jokingly saying, "what does a girl like you need that for?" and Batman was on TV, hahaha, and Jim Carey was running around as the Riddler and i said, "because, look! people just snap sometimes, and they have a REASON they make movies about people killing people..." then i woke up.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

weird cartoony

everything in my dream was in a cartoon-like setting. to start off, Brandon, Carlie, Christine, Kevin Boddy, and i were sitting around this huge dining table just watching television. i made a joke about one of the people on the show or something, and no on replied. i looked around, and ALL OF THEM had their ipod headphones on!!! i got FURIOUS, seriously, IRATE! and i ripped off all of their headphones, ran into the other room, and began to pack up all of my stuff. i was sooo upset because i felt like they're just so IN with technology that they're not even appreciating the company and the time we were all spending together!! i was soooo angry. so i told them how i couldn't believe how much they are all IN A BUBBLE and they won't even take an hour break away from their iPod, haha. and Brandon, of course, just started getting all smart ass back with me. i told him i didn't know how two sweet, Southern people made HIM who was all selfish and technologically advanced. he gave me some bullshit about "when a black woman and a white man have a kid, it's usually not a clogne of them" or something that made sense in the dream, hahaha. then Kevin came up and actually apologized. he was saying, "are you really not going to be friends with Brandon anymore? but i love hanging out with you guys! don't make me choose between the two!" haha as if he were are kid in the divorce. thennnnn the dream changed drastically and it was me and that chick from the Disney channel, Demi Lovato, and we were with this lady who resembled Anjelica Houston. she kept trying to make us poison people with apples! it was sooo weird. so me and this girl kept trying to throw her off by not actually giving people apples, losing the apples, losing the poison. then she got mad and took it into her own hands and poisoned Tiana, this girl that i work with. it was some HUGE epic running scene to stop her, too. haha. seriously, we were running through this really big school/quad/field area, and i could only hear my breath when i was running. but my nose was whistling a little, and i remember thinking if this was a movie, why didn't they take my whistling nose out? haha. Tiana, i think, died right here. i remember seeing blood come out of her mouth, she thought she was really drunk though. at the very end i looked up at some really large television screen and someone was holding up a signed picture of Burt Reynolds.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Brandon's 21st Birthday

for Brandon's 21st birthday a bunch of us went into Vons, closed down this huge back section, stole a grip of pies, whipped cream, and puzzles, and put together the puzzles while eating pies and whipped cream. hahahaha. it was SO weird!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


okay, Carlie's grandpa, who i have never met, had a heart attack and died. then i remember there was this HUGE storm going on which knocked off all of the electricity and water sporadically. i was trying to shower for school and the water kept turning off, likewise with the electricity. haha it was all 1984-esk, though, that it was supposed to be the future kind of and that's just what happened in the future. alright, then i remember Jeff and i were out, and i had ran into this guy STEVEN BELL who i haven't seen since high school, and he needed a ride to this huge convention thing. so we drove him there, in my mom's 4Runner, listening to POS, haha. Jeff had gotten out of the car with Steven at this crazy gathering. then i looked over, and freaking HANK was there. and i hadn't seen him since we broke up (in the dream, or life) and he started running over to my car. so i gave him the nice, "ohh, how you doin? i haven't seen you in ages..." and he was ALL CRAZY! "i miss you! why haven't you called me!" like SUPER creep. so i made up some excuse about having to leave, and i did. for some reason i drove off while sitting in the opposite side of the car. like the 4Runner had two steering wheels and i drove home from the right side of the car. anyway, then i went back home and got my hair dyed? Tony made me run something to Home Depot from them, pay for it out of my pocket, then that's what he counted as my hair do. haha. so i got back home and chcked my cell phone, and i had 36 text messages from Hank! half mean, half nice. it was soooo scary, haha! right when i was going through them, my doorbell rang. i think i was expecting Jeff so i ran down all excited, and it was HANK at the door with a huuuuuge plant that he wanted to give me? haha, so i told him he needed to go away since we weren't dating, and he FLIPPED OUT. it was so annoyingly like him. so the last scene of the dream i had met up with this guy Steve. now, this guy Steve is my friend's older brother, and died in 2006 in a car accident, but he graduated with Hank. and in my dream i didn't know he was dead, it was just like we were hanging out and talking. so i was telling him about all of the crazy stuff he had been doing, and we were just laughing about it. and he was telling me like, GOOD THING YOU DIDN'T MARRY HIM AFTER HIGH SCHOOL! and i kept agreeing, "i knooooooow! he always said he wanted to get married and i always freaked out at the idea!" we just continued laughing and laughing, like a LOT. then he was telling me facts on like, how only 1/3 of the ways of shooting your spouse is actually illegal. hahahaa, it was soooo funny! he was saying how if you say something like, "DIE, BITCH" right before, you'll probably go to prison.. but as long as you scream "HEEEELP" then you could make it look like self defense, hahahaha. so funny. then at the very end he asked me to rub his feet. he had socks on, so i started, and he was soooooo sqirmy and ticklish that we were just cracking up. i couldn't even rub his feet he was moving around so much!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i was in a van with a buuunch of girls, with an older couple driving the car. there was one girl talking, but i was struggling to see which one's lips were moving. i finally saw, and she was explaining that we were taking turns sitting in the front of the van. she said, "Mary Tyler, you're up first!!" then the girl to my right said, "that's yooooooou! go!!" haha, so i kind of chuckled to myself that my name was MARY TYLER. then when i got up to the front i remember the couple being exTREMELY creepy. they kept touching me and stuff. kind of like the killer couple in that movie Running Scared (that i can't find any pictures of). it totally switched over to a dream of me being at school. the school, however, was pretty much people from my work and my acting class, in three or four portables, spread out in this GIANT field. it seemed like it was a field day everyday. there were huge blow up slides, jumpers, water balloons, tons of picnic tables, and even face painting things. i remember i was in my acting class, and Sean McCormick had shown up and wanted to come in and see what it was all about. so he came in and sat with us, then we had to make TACOS out of clay? it was so weird. so my meat ended up looking like FISH so i turned it into fish tacos, and then Carlie said something like, "i want to take that line in the middle and SQUEEZE it!" i didn't really know why she said that, so i just smiled. THEN Kelly (my professor) came over and looked at it and said, "that's really amazing, but i can't give you credit because i said no lines in the meat!" i was sooo upset after working so hard on my fish taco's! THEN freaking Carlie says, "i told you that there can't be any lines!" and i got SO annoyed, "YOU ONLY SAID YOU WANTED TO SQUEEZE MY LINE! WHAT THE HECK!!!" haha. so i SHOVED over the entire table, breaking her AND my taco creations. then i had to apologize for my TEMPER TANTRUM. haha. and when i got home, this kid from my acting class had left me a comment, jokingly referring to me as the Hulk or something. i was really embarrassed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i remember i had left work, went home, got in my pajamas, and they freaking CALLED ME TO COME BACK IN! i was so annoyed. they said they had changed the closing time from 10pm to 12am so i had to come back, ugh. theeeennn there was this huge scene with this kid at the beach, ohhhhh my gosh. i went to the beach alone and i was sitting there eating some BBQ chips. these two kids run up and one of them starts playing with sand right in front of me, while his brother starts stealing my bbq chips and calling me a retard! the good kid kept saying, "stop it, don't take those." while the other one, "RETAAAAAARD!" hahaha! this went on for quite a while, and i was getting SO frustrated! FINALLY some random guy walked up and gave this kid the wedgie of his lifetime and i couldn't have been more grateful. oh my goodness, now i remember someone playing Killer Tofu (that song from Doug) on a boombox on the beach, and the guy who pulled the wedgie had never heard it before and i thought that was extremely strange. okay, then i remember being in a really busy thrift store with Carlie and there was this ONE manikin in the corner of this huge display. for some reason, everyone in the store thought she was a real girl that was sleeping, but Carlie and i knew that she was just a manikin. she was wearing a red beanie with a white tank top, and there was this blue short sleeve button up laying behind her back. so Carlie pulled up the blue button up and whispered, "Look, she's part of Team Zissou." and we were just CRACKING UP because everyone in the store worshiped this manikin and we just thought they were crazy.

Monday, February 9, 2009


we were all meeting up for some party and i invited Jeff and he came with two of his friends, even though i only saw him for like 20 seconds. then i guess there was a shooting at the party, because everyone was trying to leave. i jumped back into the driver seat of my car and Carlie and Taylor were in the backseat, but two black girls had pushed out Brandon and Robert haha and they were like "NAH FUCK THAT, YOU'RE GETTING US OUTTA HERE NOT THEM!" and i was yelling back, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CAR, I'VE KNOWN HIM MY WHOLE LIFE! WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!!" so they got out and we went back home. there was some crazy thing going on. we had to reenact scenes from scary movies, and it actually got pretty terrifying. then i remember this girl was getting her Halloween costume, and she was a drunk school girl. haha it was pretty funny actually. then i woke up for a little bit in real life and when i fell back asleep i had a dream that i was in my work uniform chilling in my OLD garage with my nephew Shaun and he was just craaaacking me up, like in real life! he would say things like, "why are there LIGHTBULBS on the LIGHTBULBS!!" hahaha, he's so cute. then i was holding a giant bowl of honey mixed with water and bee's kept coming to me, it was so weird. then i had to go into work and i had the most ANNOYING tables! a bunch of my friends came in and ate in my section but i couldn't even help them out because my tables were being soooo ridiculous. i remember this guy ordered a Blue Moon and i said, "14 or 20 oz?" and he says, "14. NOOO, 53." and i'm like UGH WHAT THE HECK! haha. then Obama and Bush were in one of the rooms at my work watching the superbowl??????? and when the game ended Obama stood up and put his arms over his head like he was soooo excited. that was the first time i noticed he was in there. it was sooo weird!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oh my gosh sooooooo real

nap dream.. JACKPOT!

okay. i was in this restaurant that was supposed to be Olive Garden, but i wasn't working, and it was also like half arcade, annnnnnnnnnd evidently i had a bedroom attached. so i was walking around my bedroom that was attached and i had four roommates and we were just talking about nonsense. one was Taylor, one was Carlie, one was Camille, and one was a black lady. soo, i remember 'waking up' in the dream, and realizing that i was still dreaming. it was weird, i was dreaming about this printer. Brandon was laying on the bed, i was on the floor of this messy messy room, and i was looking at this printer that was all broken. so i just left the room, and Carlie was out there. Bjorn was out there too, he kept playing hide and seek in a Lakers Jersey, it was really funny. i realized for SURE that i was dreaming, so decided to try and wake myself up in real life. so i woke up in the same bed i was before. UNTIL i look down at the floor and see the same freaking printer!!! i was like hm, i wonder if i'm still dreaming. there was a needle in the printer and i stuck it in my finger and i when i pulled it out, it just stretched really long until it came out.. no blood. so i knew i was dreaming again. SO, i decided to try and wake myself up AGAIN. SOOOOO i woke up IN THAT SAME BED (still asleep). i went outside into the restaurant/arcade portion of the building, and Carlie and i were just talking about nonsense and how i was dreaming this entire time. this time, i took advantage of knowing that i was dreaming. i tried placing people. i was like, okay... Bjorn will have loooong hair, and his hair would be even longer than it was. then i thought, okay, Carlie willlll walk away, and she would. i wanted to see Brandon, i did. then i was like, Oh! i want to see Jeff! so i tried and tried and tried, and that was the ONE THING i couldn't get to happen! so i was all bummed... UNTIL i saw him! he was standing in a blue jacket near the entrance with his curly hair to his shoulders.... then he turned and it was a girl with curly hair wearing heels. hahahahha. ugghh, i was so bummed i couldn't dream up Jeff! but as i had gotten closer to the entrance i noticed it was raining and decided to step outside. i was ALMOST through the doors, when this older gray gentleman who was sitting in a seat near the exit holding money said, "are you goin to play some mini golf?? here's the payment for it!" i allllllmoooooost ignored him, then i turned back and said, "you know, you should stop trying to give people money! it's raining outside, i doubt anyone will play mini golf. you don't want people just taking your money!" and he started laughing. i realized i liked him right away, and decided to forget this LUCID DREAMING experience and talk to him. so he starts showing me pictures of these kids that were his. two girls and one boy. he's showing me picture after picture of these dogs, and we were just laaaaaughing. i could hear people behind me getting mad that he wasn't offering them money to play mini golf, haha, but we just kept talking and talking, hitting it off. me and this 50-55 year old man. he told me everyone's names from the pictures, animals, children, cousins, friends, everyone.. so i said, "well, what's your name?" and he goes, "Jeff." i was SHOCKED. nooooooooo way, haha. then i looked at his face, and he kind of looked like he could be an older Jeff, which was weird!!! then he kept going on to explain people in the pictures and he says, "hm, i can't find any of my wife in here!" and i said, "oh, what's her name?" and he replies, "Julie." hahaha AHHHH i was just like WHAT THE HECK! then i neeeeded to wake up to remember this dream, so i did. this time, i was in my bed (still asleep) and i noticed it was raining! and i was like, huh, that's weird it was raining in the dream and NOW it's raining in real life. so i grabbed my laptop and tried typing this dream up, but it kept dying. then i woke up, and realized that i was ACTUALLY FINALLY AWAKE.

Monday, February 2, 2009


the entire plot was like ENOUGH or even that movie with Julia Roberts where she dresses like that dykie dude and kills her husband, haha. DYLAN, my exboyfriend, was abusive. it was so funny, my mom would see bruises on me and not believe me when i told her i slipped. then he and i would hang out and he would be SOOOOOOOOO crazy! he was constantly asking me, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY DON'T YOU COME LAY DOWN WITH ME? and i'm like making slight excuses! i'd say i had work when i wanted to go to the park, haha. then we were at this gas station once, and i wanted to LEAVE so i asked for the bathroom key, and he came to the bathroom with me because he had to go, too. so i let him use the bathroom first and BOOKED IT. hahaha, i left and he thought that i had died or something, just like that Julia Roberts movie. i remember i could see him talking to some guy, like a scene from a movie, i was nowhere around... and the other guy was telling him, "Dude! I saw her alive!" or something like, "There's a chance she's still out there! She's yours you have to find her!" haha, and i was like nooooo! so i moved away, and got this job in a clothing store. i remember i was talking to one of the coworkers and telling her everything, and i got really excited to come up with a disguise. haha. "i get to cut my hair all crazy and dye it! he'll never ever know!!" then my alarm woke me up and ended that dream, and when i fell back asleep there was a little dream of me and Zach Harmony at Chaffey, even though it was more like a high school because we got in trouble for walking around during class periods, haha.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

alright i remember my friend from work kept making me take baths with her with our clothes on, haha. we would just sit there in reaaally hot water. i rememberrrrr Nigel Barker (that photographer from Top Model) was there and he was just reading a magazine at this dinner table. Shaun, my 5 year old nephew, was like 2 and we were looking through books from my cousins' vacation? it was so random. aannnndd i had some really tall blonde neighbor and he was soooo a rapist. he would come over and hit on my mother and i and we got so freaked out! then i went to work and i was at the ROUND TOP, the worst section ever. they were selling copies of Little Women at my work, haha. and EW.. i worked with Danielle Morin. then i went to some elementary school to watch over this class while the teacher was out for like 5 minutes.. well it ended up taking her like 10 and this kid Carlos (who resembled this loudmouth in one of my classes last semester) would NOT shut up! so i just sat back and let him go crazy.. just then, some kid came out of this cabinet and was like, i'm so scared of him. he came to my house once and tried killing my mom.. blah blah blah.. it was sooo weird. and we had all of this pottery laying around and that kid Carlos kept breaking it everywhere. it was upsetting, haha.