Saturday, January 31, 2009

short and sweet.

it's sooo vague. but i remember things dealing with my Boss, spaghetti, candy, the beach, Candace Stephens, lemons, clearance sales, and cruising on the freeway with Carlie buuuumping Everclear, hahaha.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

say what?

oh my gosh my dream was INTENSE. i don't remember all of the details as much as i should, but if i did it would be so crazy. i remember little things. like, the world was in the future and every resource was so scarce that we were all lining up at high schools to get things like food. it was reallllly weird. and it was like a concentration camp, where if you stepped out of line some guard would FREAK out. it was soooooo crazy. i remember this oooone part where it was night time and Aubrey, some girl, Jeff, and i were all out on the town just driving through homes and stuff. and we were in the girl's car. Aubrey and this girl were getting like obnoxious and Jeff and i just wanted to leave so he just goes, "ugh, i don't feel like waiting.. just get in!" and we basically jacked this girl's car, hahaha, and Jeff drove me home. i remember in the car was all of these Rugrats toys, reeeally weird. when i got home, James Earl Jones was my dad, and this girl who was wearing a black sheet thrown carelessly around her clothes kept trying to jump down the stiars.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


well i had this dream, drove all the way home from Riverside, THEN remembered it.. so it's a little fuzzy. i know that we were in Golden Gate Park, mmm, and there was some type of classes that we were taking there. there was something about running for office or a position of some sort. anyway, Brandon and i had gotten really bored or something so we saw this girl standing kind of far away and walked over to her. she sat on this tray type of thing and went down this huuuuuge water slide, so we followed. we just slid down this huge water slide through Golden Gate Park like it was a river.. bending, turning, going fast, slowing down.. allll through the trees. it was really beautiful. then in woke up and rolled over to and put on my boots and Brandon woke up from the other side of the room and said, "are you leaving?" i answered yes, then woke up again and realized that i never had boots. the weird part was that when i woke up for REAL, not in the dream, Brandon woke up and said the same thing, identical to the dream. fun stuff.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hahahaha, whaaaat??

my mom and i lived in this quaint little home and we had a bunch of people over that were BOTH of our ages. mother=daughter types. then for some reason it flashed to Texas, where i was sitting in a studio, watching some talk show get filmed!! ONLY, on the talk show, it was Chevy Chase, Billy Murray, and a yooooung Jay Leno, haha. now i'm dreaming about all famous people!! i was watching them do the show, then they called me on air, and it was live, to pretend to do this guitar solo and sing this song, basically lip syncing... it was supposed to look lame. so i went on, i started rocking out, then i realized that the music was over! haha, i missed my que and looked like an idiot on television. i didn't really care though, since i got to meet all of those guys. alright, then it cut to a work dream and it was suuuper busy. Dustin pulled me in to the back and tried making a move on me in front of like a buuuuuuuuunch of customers and i was like FREAKED OUT it was soooooo inappropriate, haha. then, for some reason, i was on this couch with three girls that i work with and there was this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE wind storm blowing our direction. so Dustin, Hector, and these other guys that i work with were flinging food into the wind and it kept hititng us, haha. so i stood up, and (totally kidding) said... "the best bets are the ones in your face!!" and pretended i was going to 'hawk a loogie' directly into the wind and have it hit me in the face, haha. so they all started cracking up and stopped flinging food at us.

Monday, January 26, 2009

screech and gallo

alright i was having my 90s birthday party still, but it was on this crazy island. to get there you had to take like a little personal plane and a boat and stuff, but it was beautiful!!! it was soooo gorgeous. Carlie, Tenny, Brandon, D, Robert, Emily, a bunch of us, were all eating dinner for my birthday at this loooong table, when suddenly, two of "my friends" (never seen them before) come in with young Dustin Diamond -- Screech!! haha they came in and plopped right down next to Carlie and I with some crazy story about how they had just met him at the fair, it was so funny. so the birthday was over, and everyone came back home... it was a long drive on the freeway even after the plane ride, and on the freeway on the way home there was this plane flying overhead trailing a banner that said that Emily was coming home on RAFTS through Crocodile infested waters instead of just taking the plane, haha, so weird. Alright, i dropped off my friends.... and i remember getting a call from Vincent Gallo <3 telling me that my car was ready and so was my jumpsuit. he kept saying, "i fixed it up nice, you're gonna love it.. you're gonna love it." hahaha sooo realistic. so i pull up into this car garage, and there were four other old Cadillac's driving around, circling this small parking lot, waiting for Vincent Gallo to come out because they wanted to kill him or something. there was this huge coatrack outside that had all of the jumpsuits hanging up, and i could tell which one was mine.. it had some crazy patch on the back, hahaha, so weird. UGH, i feel like there was more to the dream, but i can't remember...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Janae Bordato was dead! it was sooooooo sad, there was this entire block that had memorials for her. it was like Thoroughbred but just for things for her. i didn't know how she died, but i was just cryyyyyyyyyyyying and crying and crying. then we got to her family's house, and her parents were just sooo upset. her dad is dead in real life though, and he was there in the dream. soooo strange. all of the people i was with (i can't remember who now) had to leave, but i couldn't stop crying. there was murals of her, and huge HUGE signs with her name and everything, oh my gosh, it was devistating! it felt real, too. so we go to get in this truck and these four of five black guys start lighting balls of paper or cardboard on fire and chucking it at us!! it was scary! then they started running after us and we jumped in this white, like, TUNDRA or something, and got away. i remember we had to get in one of those strange busses that are all white that drive the old folks home, because we had to get somewhere really far away from those guys. i looked in my purse and there was ALL of this money. annnnnd the bus was driving on th wrong side of the road, so that's weird. there were so many weirdos on the bus, then there was that girl who played Cher on Clueless... not Alicia Silverstone from the movie, but that other blonde girl who was in the SHOW Clueless. anyway, she became friends with us in whatever we had to do. we got where we needed to go, and we had some CRAZY stuff to do, but i don't even really understand. i know we were doing something sketchy with money and guns, so we couldn't really tell people anything. the Clueless girl was on her way up to tell off her ex boyfriend. which kind of sounds like the backwards plot of Roadtrip, where that girl was the girlfriend that they were going to snatch the video from. haha, weird, i haven't seen that movie in a while either! ANYWAY. so all of the people i was with got busted, and i was all alone with Clueless girl. she said that her brother and his friend could help us out, so we met up with these two really nice older guys. we were all in the car and she got out because she saw her exboyfriend and she took off all of her rings, and started beating the crap out of him! then she just RAN OFF! so i'm in the car with two guys i don't even know with a purse full of money and a gun!! so i was like, just so you know, since i don't know either of you, i have a gun if you try anything funny. hahaha, like a total wannabe mobster. so i told them to let me out of the car, and i was walking and found a buuunch of more money! i had to have like 700 dollars in cash in my purse. so i found the Clueless girl and she was all crying and we decided to go find her brothers again and they can give me a ride back to my car??? and i can go home. soooo we do. and right as they were dropping me off at my car she goes, "oh hey!! i forgot, let me tell you your future. pull one of these Tarot cards." and i was like, "NO! I DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW! NOOOO WAY NOOO WAY! NOPE! NUH UH!" and i walked away with my arms in the air like still denying this tarot card reading, hahaha. then i got back to my car and there were these two old people sitting in it. one kind of looked like Red from That 70's Show. i asked what they were doing in my car, and then i woke up.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Robert, Lindsey, Dustin, Kevin Boddy, Artemis (from It's Always Sunny), and myself all got this crazy job in San Francisco. we made the commute everyday, i think we took the airplane and it wasn't even that bad. the job was like we would go, check in all of our bags, and then sell this candy stuff to people, then our mystery boss would give us a lunchbox filled with buuuuunch of money. oh yea, and Brinley from Communications class worked the bag check-in hahaha. Krissy was there and she lost her lunchbox so she was trying to steal money from mine and Robert's!! i remember all of us flew back home, and we sifted through out lunchboxes, only to find that our boss had paid us in kind of a POG type of thing, which really worked like a gift card or something. like there was little pogs to certain places, and you had to go THERE to get your money redeemed. anyway, for some reason all of us could fit in this tiny little truck. we were looking through out lunchboxes and found all of these money pogs to this comic place and i was like ugh, I'm never going to shop here! let's go exchange them for money then get some gas. so when we did Darcy ended up working at the comic place and it was really weird because her and Dustin were dating, haha. Thennnnnn the drive home i swear we had some type of van because i was sitting in the back taking pictures of everything. i remember there was some sort of crazy scandal with Robert and Sarah Palin but i have NO idea what it was. then, in my dream, i woke up in my bed and Jeff was there :) and i told him my entire dream and we were just lauhing.. then we started looking through all of the pictures that i had taken in the van in my dream, so i knew i was still dreaming.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

haha short

it was literally me, in a kitchen, making a giant smoothie, dying to go see James Franco's show be filmed down by the beach. it's all i wanted to do. then brandon, lindsey, taylor and i met up with robert and darcy and we were singing songs from Alladin... Arabian Nights. robert was wearing an awful outfit.

Monday, January 19, 2009


it was my birthday again, haha, and Christine and i had just stayed the night at some extremely nice house with a bunch of our old friends. i know this part was detailed, i just can't remember. so we were walkg home down Archibald and Justin saw us and picked us up, then dropped us off at my house. she waited outside for some reason and when i went into my house my dad and brother were in there and i had to rush and pack some stuff up and i just started singing Bittersweet Symphony really loud and my dad and brother joined in. we didn't talk, just sang that song as loud as we could, haha. then we left and met back up with Justin and the three of us went to some huuuuge party that was supposed to be in Malibu i think. i remember seeing this huuuuuge ampitheater thing in the next backyard over and we all went into it because they were putting on some show. this younger guy got up and was like "we are going to start the play in a few minutes, this is dedicated to my mom..." whatever, whatever. so all of the sudden i'm with Taylor and we start getting really drunk. my manager Manny was there and he was my stepdad, haha. i remember Natalie from work was there and she was telling me that she was moving into Paris Hilton's new house! haha! so the huge play thing started and they were eating the most delicious food in it and i was sooo hungry... so i went backstage and crashed the play just to get the food, haha. i walked on stage and threw in some lines, grabbed a slice of pizza and a bread stick, and walked back off! it was so weird. i went back and found Taylor and we were just roaming around. Manny found me (as my stepdad) and was like, "Julie, i want to take a trip farther than Los Angeles with you... we could even go to London or something!" just then Taylor was coming down the stairs and says, "JULIE! for some reason i can see the future and in 9 months YOU'RE GOING TO BE PREGNANT!!!" haha, my shirt was like kind of bulging at my stomach and i just flattened it and started chasing her yelling, "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU EVER TELL ANYBODY THAT!" and she was just cracking up like, "iii know, i'm sorry, i was joking." all of these random people kept telling me happy birthday, it was so nice. then Taylor nd i decided to go to this mall to meet up with Brandon and i think Lindsey and drink more. to get there we had to walk up these huuuuge narrow stairs. we both were wearing berets hahaha and the stairs were SO WINDY coming down! it was like impossible to climb these stairs, but we just kept trying as hard as we could. we finally got up stairs to the mall and there was THE UGLIEST STUFF. they had an all fur fuzzy lamp, eww, gross. and a huuuuge wall rack of those ugly sunglasses that are like ORANGE and really narrow, hahaha. Taylor and i go sit at a table with Brandon and Lindsey and i unscrew the vodka in my purse and take a little swig, just then a freaking MALL COP (probably because i've been seeing all those mall cop commercials) stops me... it was a woman one though. she tells me to drink a little thing of water then she was going to breathalyze me soon. i made Brandon stash the alcohol and then everytime she would try to look at my ID or breathalyze me i would change the subject. this went on for quite some time, because i kneeeewww i was going to get a drunk in public, haha. so i just kept distracting her with jokes and questions and finally there was a gunshot downstairs and she was like "OH I HAVE TO GO!!" haha and i was like, "SEE! that's the key!! just distract them until some other crime happens!" haha, so lame.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Olive Garden had a completely different layout in this dream. i remember my tables asking for water so when i went to get it for them the ice machine was stuck or broken or overflowing with water or something. well, my manager was coming to try and fix it and it spilled all over me and i dropped a glass and it broke right into my shoe because i was wearing flats. haha, i couldn't move because anywhere i stepped would have been in glass! so they started sweeping up around me and my manager told me to go on my break and he would show me something. we ended up GETTING ON A TRAIN???? and going to COLORADO?? haha, the train was like a little kid train where there was no roof it was really just us sitting in little carts while it pulled us around. we saw this huuuuge pot plant as soon as we got into Colorado, it was so weird. like, the biggest pot plant i've ever seen, it was the size of a tree. then we drove by this chapel and there were people getting married, an old man closing up his shoe store, and kids playing in a fornt yard. i swear, it made Colorado seem soooooooooooooo perfect. i met up with Brandon and Christine and hahaha Jimmy Fallon's Troll Doll Jingles song was on the radio, it was so funny. we got to this restaurant and there was this woman who was some huuuuuuge photographer talking about how she just retired or something. someone asked her how much she paid for everything and she said her camera was like 145$ and i was like UGH i want to get a nice ass camera for that cheap! haha, it was weird. then i remember me and Christine looked inside and Brandon was just sitting at the bar. i think after this we wanted to drive to the beach or something, i remember wanting to drive on the freeway.

Friday, January 16, 2009

what the hell!

my dreams have been so fuzzy!! i feel like i've been going into deeper sleep so i still live the dream, but i can't remember it when i wake up. it's really hard to explain. i remember dreaming, just not quite about what. let's see... i know there was a huge wind storm and we could see this tornado coming. it hit, and wiped out a buuuunch of people, but there were maybe me along with five or six others roaming around this college campus safely. i remember that everything was gone and no one had food or anything, but there was this vending machine that sold Taco Bell. haha, i remember thinking "wow, this can NOT be good for you at allllllllllllll" as i pressed the buttons to receive a burrito.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i haven't had a clear dream in so long. i knoooow it was a complete dream, too! i think it's my alarms waking me up, i'm not used to getting up this early. ANYWAY. let's see, i knooow that i was the adoptive mother for the CUUUUUTEST little black boy, and i loved him more than anything. except he kept sneaking outside, which was weird because he was so small i don't know how he reached the handle haha. thennn i know that my mom and i ran this Ski Lift/Resort thing. the ski lift was like broken and there was only one seat on it so it was expensive to ride it haha. hmm, what else. i know i had a party and this one guy that NO ONE knew was in there and it was really funny because we were all like, okay, who invited him? he just showed up? haha.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

okay, last night's now

i remember being at a shouse with Brandon, Peter, Taylor, CC, and Camille. Brandon's dad took ever one but Brandon and I to get pizza. you think we'd be mad, but we were stoked because that meant we had the house to ourselves, for WHO knows what. Peter came back out of nowhere. there was something about a new movie coming out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johanson and some UNDERWATER plot, i can't remember. Brandon's dad was showing us this really high tech thing that was voice activated and he was like, i hope this works for the TV someday! and i was like, "how can you be so lazy! you already have a remote control!! is it really too hard to lift your finger??!" then for some reason i remember trying to leave in the middle of the night on some beeaaautiful bridge but it was all covered in spaghetti. like the entiiiiiiiire road, and even when i looked down into the 'water' it was just all spaghetti, but it wasn't weird to me.

little late, yesterday's round II

me, tenny, taylor, kevin, robert, brandon, and mccully culkin were all taking a trip. taylor had a child though, it was like a little black baby. i swear, for some reason this trip was disgusting because we were even worrying about the baby's health. we all road up in taxis, buses, we hitch hiked, it was so awesome. i remember it started out as some carefree trip, but everyone started turning against each other. we were staying in hostels and assigning each other jobs so that everything got 'taken care of'. i don't even know what that is. but i remember they assigned me t work on New Years Eve and New Years Day and i was so pissed!!!!! haha, but mccully culkin was backing me up for some reason?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

drive by

all i knew was that there was supposed to be a drive by shooting off of Archibald and it just so happened that i was driving right while it was going on. for some reason i ended up getting OUT of my car and i tried walking to wherever i was going. i felt like the person was after me. so i ran into the couple that was actually supposed to be shot in the drive by, and the girl and i switched clothes completely. for sommme reason i had Lindsey's VONS uniform in my bag, and i told the girl to wear it and go into work for Lindsey so the guy wont suspect anything. she totally did, too! it was weird. i went into VONS to visit her at night and Mark Wahlberg was there hahaha. then there was something about a flood and Carlie's dad looking for her.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

first one i've remembered while being sick!

some of my friends and i were on a road trip and stopped in to this liquor store and looked around at snacks for the road. well after a while we all got paralyzed. we were all putting our snacks on our back and craawwwwling around because we were all paralyzed! there was random people from my high school there, too. OH MY GOSH. then for some reason i was in my old neighborhood and there was some DRAWING CONTEST GOING ON? ahhhh AND there was like contest/auditions being held to get on TV and they wanted me in this movie but they said i'd have to cut my hair and make it all blonde. and i was HELLLL NO! then there was something about some crazy guy cutting me off while i was driving to the park to see my nephew play t-ball. weird.

Monday, January 5, 2009

scary larry

alright i was at OG, of couuurse, and it was basically the crew that i worked with in the morning. we were all there extremely late, though. i remember Dylan worked there with me, but it was like an Active AND and Olive Garden. haha, i remember thinking that it's such a hick town that NO hot guys ever come in, it's all bros or hillbillies. then there was this creepy Irish security guard. i needed to go to the bathroom and went down this one in this long, dark hallway, and he came and BARGED IN with his flashlight telling me to get out or he was going to GET ME OUT. i told him i was just going pee and i'd be out in like 15 seconds! just then he starts letting all of these criminals in!! like huuuuge guys, one at a time, not having teeth!! they were all messing with me, burning my hair, throwing things at me, making me dance. i wanted to cry, it was all so mean. FINALLY after a loooooong ass time of getting tormented by these fugitives, i left. i got a call from some girl, who i have NO idea who she is, and she was telling me to come to Hawaii with a couple of friends. she said half of the group would make it a road trip but her and i could fly back because my mom's airlines and she had some hook up, too. YEA because it totally can be a road trip! haha, she said something like taking the 15 the entire way will get you to Hawaii! haha. then for some reason there was this clip of Lizzie McGuire talking to that guy Ethan that she always loved... SUPER random. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

another Emile Hirsch encounter

okay, i brought CJ with me to my ex boyfriend's house because i was SO nervous about seeing him again since it's been over two years. we got really stoned? the thing is, we didn't GET stoned, we just WERE stoned... well, we went to his house and ate some really good food with iced tea and stuff and he was same old Hank. really weird, really angry haha. then something strange came on the TV and it was these two really old ladies at a baseball game in Ireland who wore two sets of those rubber boobs, one on top and one to cover their privates. it was weiiiiird. then when i left i was supposed to meet a bunch of my friends at like a Rite Aid, yea it was Rite Aid, definitely not Walgreens or something. so i was the first one there, and i had to use the bathroom.. well, i was still all stoned or SOMETHING and i fell ASLEEP in the public restroom. i started like coming out of my sleep and i hear people saying like, "WOW. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED! where was Julie? wasn't she supposed to be here???" so i go outside of the bathroom and Martin, the like 50 year old Mexican server at work had slipped in Rite Aid and split his head open REALLY badly. they were saying how he had blood like ALL over his clothes.. i just kept trying to look on the bright side by saying, "well, if he lives then he could sue because they didn't have a 'CAUTION: WET FLOOR'! Martin's going to be rich!" haha. i went and looked at Disney DVDs for a whiiile and didn't end up buying any. then i left Rite Aid and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain?? and my friend Holly was there at the bar! she turns 21 this month in real life, so i had dreamt she was already 21. she was sitting there with this REALLY annoying guy.. like everything i said he would repeat or interrupt. i was like CAN MY FRIEND AND I HAVE A CONVERSATION, PLEASE! haha. then i started seeing all of my friends from high school and it was so random. UGH, then, OF COURSE, AGAIN, freaking Emile Hirsch was there!! we were all in this like private area, and he was standing there with like a room behind him. haha, so i looked at him then like nodded to the room like "let's go in" like a TOTAL slut, haha, and he was like "NO, NO way, i don't do that with strangers". and then i got so bummed because i mean, it's freaking Emile Hirsch, and then he goes, "why don't you try asking me again". so i did the same head nod thing and he grabbed my hand and backed into the room and we started to make out a little bit. THEN we realized that like the entire room was made of windows and ALL of Six Flags could see us making out, and we freaked out haha. so we just went to like the side of the room and layed down together. like i was behind him, and he was sitting in my legs, if that makes sense. we were just talking and laughing and OF COURSE getting along wonderfully. this part was weird, because when i was sitting there behind him it felt SO real. like my face was right next to his ear and neck and then i distinctly remember thinking like, "MAN, this is a dream again. what should i ask him?" then i remember consciously taking a deep breath like out of disappointment haha. but this part lasted a while, so i was happy. then the kid whose room it was busted in and got SO pissed for us being in there and we had to run out immediately. we did, and i lost Emile. when i walked outside i couldn't find him but i found Brandon and we looked at each other as if we BOTH had the weirdest days, and we were just like.. "LETS LEAVE." when we were leaving Emile was sitting on this bench and he handed me this videotape and he said something like "until next time" haha ... so i go back home and watch the videotape and it's a video that Emile and i made hahaha like acting like a married couple but it was SO lame it was hilarious... then we slowly turned into old people and we were wearing all of this old people make up saying stupid jokes like, "WELL MY HIP IS OUT OF PLACE AND YOU DON'T GIVE ME NOOKIE ANYMORE AFTER TEA TIME!" hahaha, it was sooooo funny i was BUSTING up! i think that was the end...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

of course of course, it's a work dream.

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, here we go. i had work at 4:15 (just like i do today, weeeeiiiiiirrdd) and Carlie was supposed to be taking me but for some reason she didn't want to, even though she had already picked me up. HAHA oh my gosh, i just remembered a really funny part. i was ironing my clothes for work and my mom came home and told me that she thinks Oprah is across the street. she explained that there is a white 4Runner (her car) in OUR driveway that has a license place that says "OPRAH" hahahah, so shheeee just parked in the neighbor's driveway because ours was taken already. well, we ran upstairs to look out her window which faces the front of the house and in our neighbor's window across the street was a really large man getting interviewed by Oprah!! hahaha. she could see us looking out our window from across the street and just kept waving at us, haha, so funny. alrighty, back to the boring part.. Carlie wouldn't take me to work because she wanted to go to the MALL or sooomething.. but we ended up at the mall and Dustin was just roaming around aimlessly in his OG uniform and i was like, "DUSTIN! we gotta go to work it's nearly 8!" and we were supposed to be there at 4:15! i remember he had the same ringtone as Lindsey, 'Lover I Don't Have to Love' hahaha, and then we tried going to work. i forget what happened but we didn't even get there until 10 and a bunch of our friends were really late to work too. i remember they still made us go in at 10 even when we closed at 11. lame lame lame.

ahh! i actually just remembered another part.. i remember when we were going to work i was telling Dustin if i open my mouth then my tooth is going to fall out! and i did, and this tooth on the bottom left side just popped out! haha so when we were getting to work i was like ranting, "I SAW OPRAH TODAY, MY FRIEND WOULDN'T TAKE ME TO WORK, AND MY DAMN TEETH ARE FALLIN OUT!" haha

Friday, January 2, 2009

the club scene

i went shopping with Peter's mom for Christmas presents, even though it wasn't Peter's mom.... it didn't look like her. she kept going on and on about how ugly she was because she was old, and i was trying to tell her all she needed was some new make up and a good bra and she could look so much better if she really wanted to. i realized i was late to go to this club with Carlie, Kyle, Hugo, Peter, Lindsey, and Christine. Hugo is this huge ghetto Mexican at work, but he's soooo nice to me haha. anyway, i meet up with Lindsey and Christine and then soon enough Carlie and Kyle get there. we are all waiting to go in, when this Asian guy starts saying "i'm sooooo excited i'm going to shoot for making over 100$ tonight." i was like "whaaaat?" and he goes," what do you think? pick pocketing!" and we all got a little scared. then he throws a cigarette and me and says, "here. i'm giving you this ONE, and now you're going to give me one of yours whenever i feel like it. understand?" haha! i was like, "iiiii don't want one of yours, and i don't have any!" he started getting really pissed then walked away. then we look down the line and there were these two ghetto guys. one of them had a gnarly tattoo going up from his neck onto his head. i could draw it right now, i remember it so vividly. we felt pretty safe because Hugo was with us, and he's a big guy. so sure enough, we're all starting to go into the club and these Mexican guys start talking crap to Hugo and he just punched them in the face and they got into a huuuuge fight. haha i was yelling, "HUUUUGOO!!" and Carlie and Lindsey were pulling me inside. we were all worried the whole time, and then those huge Mexican guys came inside and Hugo didn't so we were freaking out and decided to leave. we walked out really fast and then it was just me and Carlie trying to find her car. i asked which one she drove to the club, because i was holding a Toyota key, but she had driven a Honda Civic. i don't know how that works, but it did. then we are about to get in the car to leave and those gangsters come outside and we hunch beside the car. OH, i forgot to mention... this entire dream, i'm wearing just a baggy gray sweatshirt and underwear. hahah i don't know why, no pants. so we're hunched by the side of this Civic and those gangsters came outside.... we're listening to them talk about "finishing Hugo off" and we got so worried. then, Hugo comes up.. he was all stumbling, bleeding from his head, and his left arm was cut off haha, then he goes " YOU WANNA FINISH ME OFF, HOMEBOY! JUST DO IT! JUST DO IT!" then they shot him and he fell. we tried sooo hard to not scream, i mean we just saw our friend get SHOT! then the gangsters were walking away, but saw us hunched behind the car. they came and pulled us up by our necks and were like "you didn't see ANYTHING. these girls look like they can keep a secret. now get the hell out of here!" they pushed us then we just BOOKED IT back home. i think Carlie got picked up from Kyle, but i didn't. i just kept running home. i remember running up a street that looked like Sapphire, in the dark, without pants.