Wednesday, March 11, 2009

og overseas

it started out with Jeff and i hanging out at my house like we usually do, but there was this lady this time. she was a crazy blond lady (like from Dear, Zachary) and she had a baby son with her that was 'possessed' by the devil. so, Jeff and i were trying to help her watch this devil child, but he was totally normal. the only strange things that would happen would be the kid falling out of vents in my house or randomly showing up in a cabinet, haha. then, the woman couldn't find her son (even though he was on the floor right by Jeff and i) and she began to cuss and and freak out, she started hitting things.. and i don't know, just the way that she was cussing made us realize that she was the one possessed and she wanted us to help kill her son or something. it was crazy. theeennnn it cut to me having to go to work, who knows what happened to the lady and her poor son. but in lieu of actual work, we were taken on a plane to Africa. we went there with these executive people who had a ton of luggage. when we got off the plane, we all started unloading the baggage, and i noticed what had to be half a mile long of elevated cages, filled with black people. almost all of them were teenagers, and they were just staring at us and singing little hymns. so we're helping them off of the plane, and this executive lady pulls Carlos and i aside and tells us we're staying. STAYING in Africa with some woman! everyone that i work with didn't care, so they bounced and it was just Carlos and i. so we carried all of her bags back to her place, and we couldn't figure out how we would ever get back home. we were just sitting on the couch, when suddenly these men burst in and shove Jeff on the couch with us! we heard them explaining to the woman in the other room that they found Jeff wandering around and they needed to capture him, haha. we just started laughing, hugging, and kissing. it made the whole situation better. there was this huge wave of relief now that he had come. haha, like being stuck in Africa just didn't matter anymore.

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