Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i had won a brand new car. it was waiting for me at the corner of Day Creek and Foothill, and i just kept passing it without picking it up. i went to work instead, and once we were off we had to go to this field and climb this extremely tall mountain. haha, now that i think about it, it was completely representing a challenge. because i wanted to go the easy way up, but i would have to climb up a vertical wall. everyone else took the long, safe way. anyway, i remember finally having accomplished it, even though i don't remember actually DOING it. then Lindsey and i met up at Burger King, and we decided to go get my new car. it was a huge brand new red Chevy truck, haha. Lindsey said that she had tried picking it up for me before, but she couldn't get it started. so we pushed it from the side of the street to the parking lot, and i started fumbling around, trying to get it to start. i unhooked this latch, and it turns out that it was a street bike INSIDE of the truck, and i had won both!!! so we started driving both of them around, mostly in circles through the parking lot. i told Lindsey that she could buy the truck off of me for SUPER cheap, since her truck is really running into the ground, and i decided that i would give my brother the street bike, since he is looking to buy one anyway. before i sold her the truck or anything, i took it for a drive. the truck was REALLY high up. when i was driving it, it became night time, and i couldn't even see any street signs or anything because the top of the truck felt like it was in the trees! i ended up as far as i could go up this street, when this scary guy in a wife beater and underwear ran out to my car with a shotgun and started asking me what i was doing! i told him i was taking my new truck for a drive and he was just yelling at me, "WHY COULDN'T YOU DRIVE IT AROUND YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD!!" then he tried getting in the car and i was really scared... then i woke up.

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