Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the 2nd part of last night

i had a dream that i went into work and totally neglected my only two tables because it was the anniversary of Andrea's death and i couldn't stop crying. then, when it hit midnight, everyone had this huge countdown and on all of our computers it cut to this huge surprise birthday present for some girl that i don't know. haha. i was wearing sandals with my uniform, too, because it was more comfortable, haha. then, after my tables left, i was sitting at the bar with Carlie and my friend Alex. Alex suggested that we try this soda that she invented.. it was iced tea mixed with orange soda and oh my gooooosh it was soooooo good! haha i want to try it in real life, just to see. then a car full of people approached me and asked if i wanted to go on a road trip, so i said yes. we took this beat up Jeep Cherokee type of car, and it just skipped to when we were returning. all of us were tan, dirty, and happy. so it must have been a good road trip! when i got back i went to Brandon's house to get ready for a prom??? haha, and Jeff was my date :) but Brandon's dad was there and he was quizzing me on everything! on my dress, on my tattoo (because he hasn't seen it yet), on my date, EVERYTHING! so finally Jeff picked me up and Brandon was going to stay behind and wait for his date, and Jeff began telling me that he made this composition of all of his favorite blogs than he's ever written and he was getting it published!

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