Friday, April 3, 2009

incestually fun

Okay some random old woman was supposed to be playing my grandma. Her, my brother, my dad, and I were all at some weird little diner in like Chinatown. We were all talking and she said that her life goal was to be married and divorced, and she's getting so old that it might not happen again. So we had all left her one at a time and tried plotting a way that my brother could ask her to marry him, hahaha. we ended up with some HUGE cake, and he even had a ring and everything. Then, for some reason, we decided to put a plastic, but real looking, gun on the cake with the ring on top. My dad and I stayed behind while my brother proposed to our grandmother, hahaha. I told my dad that I could use a drink and he poured me this drink that was OVER half vodka, the rest 7up. I told him I was thinking more along the lines of wine, but whatev. I had left in my car, and when I turned on the radio it was talking about how an old woman was arrested from McDonalds for having a miniature gun, and how it was a shame since she was newly engaged, haha! So my grandma had gotten busted. I was on my way to class or something, when this pretty good looking guy kept coming up to me and asking me for my phone number. I kept telling him that I am not looking to meet anybody, and he kept insisting, but in a really nice way. Then I saw Jeff from a distance, and was like, "Look! There's the guy I'm with, SORRY!!" And he finally backed off. So, I met up with Jeff and I had to get to one of my classes. He was really nice to me in this dream, all hugs and kisses. So we saw my classroom all lit up (it was night time) and we could see blood smeared all over the floor. Jeff freaked out, but I told him it was my Crime Scene class. Kelly Ford (my acting professor) was my teacher for this class. My phone KEPT ringing Tangerine by Led Zep all randomly and I got in trouble. I started losing my voice, too. All of a sudden, I was shopping in some mall by the beach with my friend Jenae, and I really wanted to buy a pair of thick leggings. I was asking the sales girl and she wasn't helping at ALL! So Jenae took her jeans off and was wearing thick leggings and told me she got them in the maternity section, haha. In the store there was this huge rack of sweaters, vests, and tank tops that was all Christmas themed.

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