Sunday, April 19, 2009

stress carried over

because i was stressing about memorizing my lines for Boddy's thing today, and Jeff was stressing about all of his homework, i had the most stressful dream. i woke up today and had class, then four HUGE homework assignments, then i had work at 11, but somehow was still supposed to make it to Boddy's shoot at 1:30 this afternoon, then i was supposed to go to a giant work party. i asked Jeff to help me iron my uniform or do SOMETHING because i was too busy. then i realized that there is no way that i could film Boddy's thing, since my work wouln't let me out. so i had to text message him. In the dream, though, we were filming Where the Wild Things Are. when i text messaged him, i sent him the weirdest words. words like "ozozos and invertible" it was so strange. ugh, it was soooo nice waking up with only one thing to do today.

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