Wednesday, April 8, 2009

let's see if i remember this

i know i kept missing work in my dream, since i'm anxious to go in tomorrow because i called off twice this weekend. i remember i was driving a really huuuuge lifted SUV and i couldn't drive it right so i got out and ran home (along side Anoop from American Idol) so i could get ready for work on time but i was still too late because, on accident, i didn't wear my uniform. haha i showed up to work in overalls thinking they would let me serve.

then i remember the 2nd part of the dream was my nephew, my mom, and i trying to find out which cow out of these two huge cow fields were giving people nightmares, hahaha. it was really weird how we would find out. the cow had to be leaning on the gate, and when you touch it, it was supposed to give you a nightmare. we were so close to finding which one it was, when i realized i REALLY had to be at work. so at the very end of the dream, i finally got to work on time!! yay

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